Rajshahi Tour

Tour Duration: 5 Days, 4 Nights
Area Covered: Rangpur, Dinajpur, Paharpur, Bogra, Puthia, Natore, Rajshahi, Gaur
Tour Attractions: Archaeological sites in Rajshahi & Rangpur division
Tour Type: Archaeological Tour
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This tour is for people looking for a long tour in Rajshahi. It features all the major tourist attractions in Rajshahi and Rangpur division. Perfect tour for people who love archaeology. You discover the heritage of Buddha and Hindu dynasty in Bangladesh with the modern 19th century architecture, while taste the country’s best quality mango (while on season) and sweet yoghourt.

This tour takes you to visit two UNESCO protected World Heritage site in Bangladesh – Kantaji Temple at Dinajpur, and Somapuri Vihara at Paharpur. Starting with the modern palace at Rangpur – Tajhat Palace, takes you to the steps of Buddha at Mahasthangarh. Also visit temple ridden Puthia, and long forgotten Islamic city of Gaur at Sonamasjid.

Tajhat Palace Front Rajshahi TourTajhat Palace at Ran...

Tajhat Palace Left Rajshahi TourLeft side of Tajhat ...

tajhat palace stair Rajshahi TourStair of Tajhat Palace

Kali%252520Temple Rajshahi TourKali Temple at Rangpur

Kantaji Temple Dinajpur Bangladesh Rajshahi TourKantaji Temple at Di...

Kantaji Temple Wall Rajshahi TourTerracotta design at...

Kantaji temple decoration Rajshahi TourDecoration at Kantaj...

Noyabaad Mosque Rajshahi TourNayabad Mosque at Di...

Somapuri Vihara 1 Rajshahi TourSomapuri Vihara

Somapuri Vihara Terracotta Rajshahi TourTerracotta at Somapu...

Mahasthangarh Rajshahi TourCitadel at Mahasthan...

Mahasthangarh 1 Rajshahi TourRuins at Mahasthangarh

Shiva Temple Puthia Rajshahi TourShiva Temple at Puthia

Anni Temple Puthia Rajshahi TourAnni Temple at Puthia

mango garden Rajshahi TourA Mango garden

green mango on tree Rajshahi TourGreen mango on the tree

mango taking to market Rajshahi TourCarrying mango on bi...

mango wholesaler Rajshahi TourA mango wholesaler

mango market Rajshahi TourA wholesale mango ma...

ripen mango Rajshahi TourA ripen mango ready ...

choto sona masjid Rajshahi TourChoto Sona Mosque at...

Gate of choto sona masjid Rajshahi TourGate of Choto Sona M...

Door of choto sona masjid Rajshahi TourDoor of Choto Sona M...

Natore Palace Rajshahi TourNatore Royal Palace

Itinerary of Rajshahi Tour

Day-1: Rangpur
  • Start for Rangpur at 7.00 am.
  • Stop for lunch on a highway restaurant.
  • Reach Rangpur in the afternoon, and check-in to the hotel.
  • After freshen-up, we take you to visit Tajhat Palace and nearby Kali Temple in the afternoon.
  • Back to the hotel, freshen-up, and go for dinner on a local restaurant at Rangpur.
  • Stay overnight at Rangpur.
Day-2: Dinajpur and Paharpur
  • Start for Dinajpur after breakfast.
  • Visit Kantaji Temple, and the Nayabad Mosque from the Mughal period.
  • Start for Paharpur.
  • Stop for lunch at a local restaurant at Joypurhat.
  • Visit Somapuri Vihara at Paharpur in the afternoon, and start for Bogra.
  • Check-in to the hotel at Bogra. After freshen-up, go to a local restaurant at Bogra for dinner. Here we taste the country’s best quality sweet yoghourt.
  • Stay overnight at Bogra.
Day-3: Bogra, Puthia, and Rajshahi
  • Start for Mahasthangarh after breakfast.
  • Visit the ruins and museum at Mahasthangarh in the morning, and start for Puthia.
  • Lunch at local restaurant in Puthia.
  • Visit temples and palaces of Puthia in the afternoon, and start for Rajshahi.
  • Check into the hotel at Rajshahi.
  • Boat riding at river Padma in Rajshahi (if available) and enjoy sunset.
  • Back to the hotel to freshen-up, and go out for dinner at a local restaurant. Here we taste famous mango of Rajshahi for the first time (if on season).
  • Stay overnight at Rajshahi.
Day-4: Chapai-Nawabganj
  • Start for Sonamasjid after breakfast, and visit the ancient city of Gaur.
  • After visiting Gaur, we take you to visit the numerous mango gardens at Chapai-Nawabganj where they grow all type of country’s best mangoes.
  • Lunch at a local restaurant at Sonamasjid. If not in mango season, continue sight-seeing and return to Rajshahi in the evening.
  • If on season, visit the mango markets where everyone bring their mangoes for wholesale, and buyers from all over the country gather to get them. We taste some best quality mango here. Return to the hotel in the evening.
  • After freshen-up, go to a local restaurant at Rajshahi for dinner.
  • Overnight stay at Rajshahi.
Day-5: Natore
  • After breakfast, visit countries oldest museum – Varendra Musium at Rajshahi, and start for Natore.
  • Visit the Rajbari (Royal Palace) in Natore.
  • After lunch at a local restaurant in Natore, head toward Dhaka.
  • Drop in the hotel/residence at night. End of the tour.

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Rajshahi Tour: 25.344026, 88.626709

Tour Price

  • 1 Pax Tour: 61,000 BDT / $763 USD
  • 2 Pax Group: 38,000 BDT / $475 USD Per Person
  • 3 Pax Group: 36,000 BDT / $450 USD Per Person
  • 4 Pax Group: 32,000 BDT / $400 USD Per Person
  • 5 Pax Group: 30,000 BDT / $375 USD Per Person
  • 6 Pax Group: 26,000 BDT / $325 USD Per Person
  • 7+ Pax Group: 24,000 BDT / $300 USD Per Person

Terms & Conditions

  • Tour is not available at Sunday. Some sites are closed at Sunday.
  • Tour includes:
    • All site entrance tickets.
    • Air-conditioned car, and local English speaking guide to show all the sites.
    • 4 Nights accommodation on twin-sharing basis.
    • Food on bread & breakfast basis.
  • Tour does not include any food other than mentioned above, beverage, or any personal item.
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