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Lesley Molyneux
Norwich, United Kingdom
Discover Bangladesh

27 day Discover Bangladesh tour

Bangladesh exceeded every one of my expectations and dreams. A beautiful country of tranquil, peaceful rivers, bustling colourful cities, tribal villages, and the most incredible people – kind, helpful and happy. As a single woman, at no time did I feel intimidated, uncomfortable or afraid. Read the full review “27 day Discover Bangladesh tour”

Guenther Eichhorn
Arizona, USA
Discover Bangladesh

The friendliest people in Bangladesh

Nijhoom Tours organized my 4-week visit to Bangladesh. The organization was excellent, everything worked like clockwork. We covered all of Bangladesh. The people in Bangladesh were exceptionally friendly. Read the full review “The friendliest people in Bangladesh”

Anne Taylor
Columbus, Ohio, USA
Sundarbans Safari

Put Bangladesh on your must see list

Our group of 5 friends explored Bangladesh with a 6-day custom tour perfectly crafted by Nijhoom Tours. Bangladesh has some of the friendliest people on the planet. We had hundreds of requests for selfies, especially with families. It’s very safe. No one got sick, not at all. It was the ideal way to see Bangladesh. Read the full review “Put Bangladesh on your must see list”

Nancy Wiesenfeld
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Glories of Bangladesh

Glory of Bangladesh tour was a glorious experience

The 14-day Glory of Bangladesh was a wonderful tour. It had a varied and excellent itinerary of the big-city sights of Dhaka, the wildlife of the Sundarbans (lots of birds, boars, and deer), interesting archaeological sites and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and villages that were very interesting, very non-touristy, and welcoming. Read the full review “Glory of Bangladesh tour was a glorious experience”

Julie Knell
Patea, New Zealand
Sundarbans Safari

Must see Sundarban tour

The trip was a thrilling adventure. Our guides went beyond expectations to make us feel safe and cared for. They were knowledgeable, unbelievable helpful and extremely kind, fun and friendly. Read the full review “Must see Sundarban tour”

James Haley
United Kingdom
Sundarbans Safari

A Great Bangladesh Tour

I recently did the Sundarbans tour with Rocket. The boat trip around the Sundarbans was fantastic. The Rocket was unfortunately out of service at the time but the substitute boat was still very good. Read the full review “A Great Bangladesh Tour”

Karen Fraser Avatar
Karen Fraser
Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Glories of Bangladesh

Wonderful 2 weeks travelling in Bangladesh

The cruise on the Sundarbans was my favourite; could have done a day or so more. Very comfortable boat, lovely crew and plenty of delicious food. It made a lovely change for me to be in a small group of 5. Read the full review “Wonderful 2 weeks travelling in Bangladesh”

Quazi Ahmed
Ohio, USA
Sundarbans Safari

Road Less Traveled? Try Bangladesh

Nijhoom put us on a small boat that cruised the narrowest waterways enabling closeups of wildlife on either bank. The small dinghy pulled behind, was used to get into further out of the way places. For nature lovers, and specifically people interested in the mangrove biome, there will be satisfaction. Read the full review “Road Less Traveled? Try Bangladesh”

Christine Franklin
Sheffield, United Kingdom
Glories of Bangladesh

Glories of Glorious Bangladesh

Wow. This wonderful trip with Nijhoom tours certainly delivered beyond expectation. Five of us travelled on this two week adventure in December. It was extremely well organised and so diverse in every respect that it made for one of the best travel adventures ever. Read the full review “Glories of Glorious Bangladesh”

Terrance Marshall
Hamilton, Canada
Glories of Bangladesh

Helping to put Bangladesh on the tourism map

The Glory of Bangladesh tour was excellent, providing insight into the country’s history and culture. Its core interest for me was covering the country’s three World Heritage Sites [Bagerhat, Sundarbans and Somapura Mahavihara]. The tour provided so much more. Read the full review “Helping to put Bangladesh on the tourism map”

Kathleen Hansen
Bowen, Australia
Barisal Backwater Tour

Barisal Backwater Tour

We went to local schools, logging port and brickworks, villages, floating markets and more. I love to take photographs and the trip provided many opportunities to take photographs of local people and lifestyle. Read the full review “Barisal Backwater Tour”

Adrian Meister
Customized Holiday

Rocket and classic package to UNESCO sites

Our trip with Nijhoom Tours was a great experience. Well organized with a good driver and a friendly guide, we made it through the country for 7 days. Read the full review “Rocket and classic package to UNESCO sites”

Dinah Hill
Abingdon, United Kingdom
Sundarbans Safari

Full-On Fantastic!

The constant new visual and mental experiences, including a visit to a fishing village and a crocodile breeding center and a continual supply of the most delicious food, made our time in the Sundabans feel more like a week! Read the full review “Full-On Fantastic!”

Lisa Buckley
New York, USA
Sundarbans Safari

Rocket and Sundarbans Tour 6 Days

What an adventure! Everything was excellent. The tour guides were so helpful and knowledgeable. The staff was attentive and kind, making sure this vegetarian was well taken care of. Read the full review “Rocket and Sundarbans Tour 6 Days”

Samuel Gomberg from USA visiting Bangladesh with Nijhoom Tours
Samuel Gomberg
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Sundarbans Safari

A fantastic experience off the beaten path

My trip with Nijhoom Tours in Bangladesh went great. I found Bangladesh to be a friendly, safe, and beautiful country. Our guides were attentive, organized, and knowledgeable. The whole trip exceeded my expectations. Read the full review “A fantastic experience off the beaten path”

Steven Finch
Perth, Australia
Customized Holiday

Bangladesh Experience

I flew into Dhaka city with only two nights booked at the hotel. That afternoon I started deciding what and where I wanted to do and see. Contacted Nijhoom Tours and the quick response and what they had to offer was fantastic. Had a great 3 1/2 weeks in Bangladesh. Read the full review “Bangladesh Experience”

Helen & Stephen Wilkes
Worcester, United Kingdom
Customized Holiday

Bangladesh in all its Glory!

We have recently completed a fascinating tour in Bangladesh. It was arranged by Nijhoom Tours. All went extremely smoothly despite the vagaries of the Bangladesh transport system. Read the full review “Bangladesh in all its Glory!”

Steven Owad-Jones
Sundarbans Safari

Sundarbans Tour with Rocket

I’ve just returned from an outstanding tour of the Sundarbans forest in the South of Bangladesh, organised by Nijhoom Tours. They are totallly professional and “Best in Class”, and make travelling in a developing country a truly delightful and enjoyable experience. Read the full review “Sundarbans Tour with Rocket”

Gabriele Grossenbacher
Bern, Switzerland
Rocket Steamer Tour

Beautiful tour to undiscovered treasures of Bangladesh

My daughter, her friend and I booked the Rocket Steamer Tour in September this year. We all really enjoyed this tour with Nijhoom Tours. There was absolutely no situation where we would have felt unsafe or uncomfortable. Read the full review “Beautiful tour to undiscovered treasures of Bangladesh”

Peter Kubisewsky
Waterloo, Canada
Sundarbans Safari

Best Decision I Made

I spent a week traveling with Nijhoom around Bangladesh and the Sundarbans. The tour was excellent. The boat crew in the Sundarbans were all very professional, friendly and provided great service. Read the full review “Best Decision I Made”

Michael O'Reilly
Brisbane, Australia
Highlights of Bangladesh

Highlights of Bangladesh

I took my Daughter (10) and Son (8) with me on this tour and we had a great time. Our guide (Faisal) was exceptional, great with the kids and always looking to make sure we got the most out of our experience in Bangladesh. Read the full review “Highlights of Bangladesh”

Jennifer W.
Vancouver, Canada
Highlights of Bangladesh

A great way to explore Bangladesh

I wanted to visit Bangladesh, but I didn’t feel comfortable traveling alone as a single woman who doesn’t speak the local language. I booked the Highlights of Bangladesh small group tour. We were very well cared for and I never had any concerns about my health or safety. Read the full review “A great way to explore Bangladesh”

Benjamin Thomas
Herts, United Kingdom
Sundarbans Safari

Expertly planned and exciting: flawless

I had a fantastic experience with Nijhoom Tours on a 5-night, 6-day tour of the Sundarbans. This was a superb tour and worth every penny. I know there are cheaper tours, but unless you want to be hoarded around with 30 other tourists then this is the way to do it. Read the full review “Expertly planned and exciting: flawless”

Christian Rassi
Sundarbans Safari

Great Sunderban tour

I booked a five-day Sunderban tour with Nijhoom Tours in March and thoroughly enjoyed it. The guide, Faisal, was very passionate about his job, helpful and reliable. The crew on the Sunderban boat were also very friendly – the food on board was excellent. Read the full review “Great Sunderban tour”

Stephen Homrich
Florida, USA
Sundarbans Safari

Great Trip

My friend and I took a tour with Nijhoom and thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. We toured Dhaka, took an overnight ride on The Rocket, had three days in the Sundarbans. We didn’t see a tiger, but one certainly saw us as we saw fresh tracks when returning to our boat along a canal we had just came down minutes earlier. Read the full review “Great Trip”

Kirsten & Jan Christoffersen
Bergen, Norway
Exploring Bangladesh

23 days travel in Bangladesh

We have just come back from a 23 days trip of Bangladesh, which took us almost to every corner of the country. We experienced traveling by trains, cars, boats and planes. It was very interesting and very hectic as well. Read the full review “23 days travel in Bangladesh”

Howard Rosen
New York City, USA
Glories of Bangladesh

Well planned

I returned recently from the 14 day Glories of Bangladesh tour and I had a great time. I normally travel on my own but since Bangladesh has a weak infrastructure I thought it would be easier with a guide. I was not at all disappointed. Read the full review “Well planned”

Gary LeClair
Oregon, USA
Discover Bangladesh

Our best tour ever in the world

My wife and I arrived in Dhaka New Years’ Eve for 30 days of touring with Nijhoom Tours. We are senior Americans with extensive travel experience. It was truly the best trip we have ever done. We felt safe at all times–in fact, no one hassled us, bumped us, insulted us or bothered us throughout the 30 days. Read the full review “Our best tour ever in the world”

Sally Jackson
Devon, United Kingdom
Customized Holiday

26 day tailor-made holiday to Bangladesh

My husband and I booked a 26 day tailor made holiday to Bangladesh in Oct/Nov 2017 through Nijhoom Tours. From start to finish it was absolutely excellent and I would highly recommend this company. We had the most amazing time and meet the most amazing people. Read the full review “26 day tailor-made holiday to Bangladesh”

Gan Hui Hoon
Sundarbans Safari

Bangladesh! Why not?

My friend and I (two females) took 1-day Old Capital Tour and 6-days Rocket & Sundarbans Tour with Nijhoom Tours. We both feel safe and enjoyed the trip throughout. If you are struggling to go or not to go Bangladesh, please take some time to look at photos taken during my trip. Read the full review “Bangladesh! Why not?”

John Clearwater
Auckland, New Zealand
Customized Holiday

A most interesting trip

My brother Steve and I spent a month in Bangladesh in November as guests of Hassan of Nijhoom Tours. Steve is an ancient cities (cultural) tourist and I am a biological tourist. We both had plenty to enjoy. The highlight for me was the 3 days we spent in the Sunderaban, travelling in a converted fishing boat. Read the full review “A most interesting trip”

Lisa Baker
Waihi Beach, New Zealand
Sundarbans Safari

Sundarban Excursion with Rocket

My brother and I have just returned from an eight day trip to Bangladesh with Nijhoom Tours and it was fantastic. We felt super safe the whole trip and everyone was so friendly, asking where we were from and talking about cricket. I can fully recommend Nijhoom Tours and Bangladesh as a wonderful destination. Read the full review “Sundarban Excursion with Rocket”

Thomas Rickert
Georgia, USA
Sundarbans Safari

6 day tour to Bangladesh with Nijhoom Tours

I recently returned from a wonderful 6 day tour to Bangladesh with Nijhoom Tours. My tour, “Sunarbans Excursion with Rocket”, far exceeded my expectations. The whole experience was so unique, varied and exciting! I thoroughly recommend a trip to Bangladesh with Nijhoom Tours. Read the full review “6 day tour to Bangladesh with Nijhoom Tours”

Deirdre Cockcroft
Salisbury, United Kingdom
Best of Bangladesh

18 Day Best of Bangladesh Tour

I was on the Nijhoom Tour in February reviewed by Susan above. I agree completely with all she has written. Somehow Bangladesh seems to have only been ‘discovered’ by a few tourists. We have been so lucky to have visited before it becomes a much deserved tourist destination. Read the full review “18 Day Best of Bangladesh Tour”

Susan Bicknell
London, United Kingdom
Best of Bangladesh

Best of Bangladesh: 18 days

Nijhoom Tours organised a very comprehensive and satisfying tour of this unusual and little visited country. They managed to take us, 4 ladies of certain ages with baggage, around a country in it’s infancy of tourism. They certainly showed us “The Best of Bangladesh ” in 18 days on the Original tour. Read the full review “Best of Bangladesh: 18 days”

Judith Colston-Jones
Best of Bangladesh

Best of Bangladesh

It was a perfectly arranged tour and our only expenses were most meals (which came to less than 5 euros per person per meal with soft drinks). Bangladesh is a beautiful diverse country with so much to offer. As the posters say: Come before the tourists visit!!! Read the full review “Best of Bangladesh”

Jackie Hulton
London, United Kingdom
Exploring Bangladesh

A three week tour around Bangladesh

It is probably fair to say that Bangladesh for various reasons isn’t on many people’s wish list of places to visit but ironically that is one of the main reasons we wanted to visit. It was extremely refreshing and rewarding to travel around a country, unspoiled by mass tourism. Read the full review “A three week tour around Bangladesh”

Michael Kendall
Ascot, United Kingdom
Sundarbans Safari

Wonderful country, wonderful people

Recent events have been unkind to Bangladesh and its people. I admit to being apprehensive myself but decided that I would still go ahead with my trip. The tour went smoothly and I felt safe and comfortable everywhere I went. The food is good and the standard of the hotels were better than I expected.
Read the full review “Wonderful country, wonderful people”

Ilonca Raymond
Cambridge, New Zealand
Customized Holiday

An amazing tour organiser

We had 7 nights in Bangladesh and it was so amazing!! Bangladesh would be one of the only countries in the world where the local people do not mind having their photos taken! The people are not used to having lots of tourists visiting their country, they are inquisitive and super friendly. Read the full review “An amazing tour organiser”

John Skovron
Washington, USA
Customized Holiday

5 Days in Bangladesh with excellent tour service

As part of a longer trip to the area we arranged in advance with Nijhoom for 5 day customized tour. I was so pleased with my experience that I feel compelled to write a thorough review that might encourage others to visit. Read the full review “5 Days in Bangladesh with excellent tour service”

Hilde Steen
Kristiansand, Norway
Highlights of Bangladesh

11 days in beautiful Bangladesh

I had an 11 days group tour with Nijhoom Tours. It was well organized, no time wasted, and great tour guides. I got to see a lot of what Bangladesh has to offer, from interesting buildings in Dhaka, river boat trips, train trips, tee plantations, and my absolute favorite, a 3 day trip in the Sundarbans! Read the full review “11 days in beautiful Bangladesh”

Eva Rohland
Berlin, Germany
Sundarbans Safari

Six days tour in the Sundurbans

In its whole diversity, beautiful tour which allowed insights into wonderful Bangladesh. Everyone was very considerate on our needs and we felt very safe and looked after on the three boat trip to the Sundurbans. The cook was excellent – he offered us a variety of vegetarian dishes and fresh fruits. Read the full review “Six days tour in the Sundurbans”

John Cormack
Newcastle, United Kingdom
Exploring Bangladesh

Exploring Bangladesh Tour 22 Days

After 22 days touring Bangladesh with Mesbab, Liton, Arafat, Mr Lemon, and Ali and his boat crew, we feel that we have seen the real Bagladesh. The organization of tour from first contact to conclusion was first rate, professional seamless and hassle free. Read the full review “Exploring Bangladesh Tour 22 Days”

Simon Roozendaal
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Best of Bangladesh

18 days Tour throughout Bangladesh

We booked our 18 days tour via Nijhoom Tours in Dhaka. This was a very good experience. The Tour had a good variety of places to see in Bangladesh. A very nice tour which I will recommend to everybody who likes to visit this beautiful country of Bangladesh. We had a very nice time!!
Read the full review “18 days Tour throughout Bangladesh”

Helen Reynolds
Northants, United Kingdom
Customized Holiday

Another amazing trip with Nijhoom Tours

Our second visit to Bangladesh both three weeks in duration superbly organised for the four of us – what a great welcome back! We have seen and done so much! We sadly are leaving today, but we hope to be able to come back AGAIN! Read the full review “Another amazing trip with Nijhoom Tours”

Svetlana Suslova
Moscow, Russia
Highlights of Bangladesh

Fabulous choice for touring Bangladesh

From the pre-tour communication with Hasan to the tour itself led by Masbah everything was very good! They were efficient and organized and I felt I could trust them. The overall impression of my holidays is wonderful. And I would not hesitate to recommend Nijhoom Tours to anyone considering travel to Bangladesh. Read the full review “Fabulous choice for touring Bangladesh”