Best Decision I Made

Peter Kubisewsky
Waterloo, Canada
June 30, 2018

I spent a week traveling with Nijhoom around Bangladesh and the Sundarbans, and it was easily the best decision to choose their services to be my guide. The tour was excellent and our guide Faisal ‎was great. You could tell that he really enjoyed his job and he always put our happiness first, doing everything he could to make sure we always had everything we needed. Even though we had many different drivers throughout the tour, they were all excellent and the tour ran very seamless, from pickup to drop off.

The boat crew in the Sundarbans were all very professional, friendly and provided great service. I would especially like to complement the chef. Not only was everything he made incredibly delicious (no exaggeration), but this is the first time in a very long time where I have been on a tour where I had absolutely no stomach issues.

Anyone who is unsure about traveling to Bangladesh shouldn’t be. It’s an amazing country, with an interesting culture and history, which is filled with friendly people. I’m so glad I went. The only thing I regret is not booking a longer trip.

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