Six days tour in the Sundurbans

Eva Rohland
Berlin, Germany
October 16, 2016

In its whole diversity, beautiful tour which allowed insights into wonderful Bangladesh. The day in Dhaka was very revealing and we surely would not have been able to see all of it on our own. The rocket was just an adventure and Bagerhat is thrilling in its historicity, all the people we met were very kind.

Everyone was very considerate on our needs and we felt very safe and looked after on the three boat trip to the Sundurbans. You see some beautiful wildlife there (crocodiles, monkeys, water monitors, deer, lots of birds and we were lucky to spot a baby tiger for half a minute from the boat).

The cook was excellent – he offered us a variety of vegetarian dishes and fresh fruits as all the people working on the boat contributed to an atmosphere of hospitality.

Be prepared though that the sleeping and washing facilities even if declared as first class don’t meet the western standards.

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  1. Nijhoom Tours

    Thank you very much for visiting Bangladesh with Nijhoom Tours and writing a great review in TripAdvisor!

    Just to avoid confusion, in our tour details page, we clearly mention that our boat at Sundarbans is a very basic one with minimum facilities. Cabins are basic with fan, toilet has a western style high commode with flowing water and shower, but no flowing hot water. Hot water could be supplied in bucket though if necessary. No where we mention “first class” for our boat at Sundarbans.

    If you mean first class for the Rocket (paddle wheel steamer owned by the govt.), true that it is also very basic. Their first class area has Western style toilet, but no shower. Both the cabins and the toilets are very clean though.

    Thank you for your time to write this great review! Looking forward to have you with us again in Bangladesh soon!

    Raw Hasan
    Founder & CEO, Nijhoom Tours

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