We were not expecting to fall in love with Bangladesh

Stacey booked a Sundarbans tour package in Bangladesh with us and had a memorable experience
Stacey Osborn
Saint Louis, MO, USA
November 10, 2019

My friend and I have been to many countries and were not expecting to fall in love with Bangladesh.

From the moment we arrived, the people were warm, welcoming and generous. They loved having their photos taken and given there are so few tourists, they also took photos of us and I can’t count how many selfies we were in.

We did the 6-day Rocket Steamer and Sundarbans tour with Nijhoom Tours and I would highly recommend it.

It started with a tour of Old Dhaka and then we headed south down the river on an overnight ferry. We then spent 2.5 days on a boat in the Sundarbans National Park. We had 7 staff taking care of us and the boat to ourselves. The food was fantastic and the staff was as kind and helpful as all of the other people we encountered in Bangladesh.

Photo with the locals in Bangladesh

Photo with the locals in Bangladesh. ©Photo Credit: Shohidul Islam Naeem

We had a guide with us the entire trip, Naeem who I can’t recommend highly enough. He is knowledgeable and fun and was focused on ensuring we had an amazing experience.

As a woman, I felt safe the entire time I was in Bangladesh and only hope more people will make the effort to seek out this wonderful country and its people.

At the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest in Bangladesh

At the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest in Bangladesh. ©Photo Credit: Shohidul Islam Naeem

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