Our Primary Payment System

Since PayPal is NOT available in Bangladesh, we use Payoneer as an alternative as our primary payment system for online payments, which is easy to use for our clients, and we can get the payment sent to us easily to our local bank account without any hassle.

Check out details on how to make a payment with Payoneer on this video

How do I make Payment with Payoneer?

Once you submit a booking form from our website to book any tour or service with us, we’ll create an invoice for you accordingly. You’ll get an automatic email from Payoneer with a Pay Now button. By clicking this button, you can access your invoice and make the payment. Please make sure you pay the Payoneer charges for making any payment to us.

How much is the charge for Payoneer?

There is 3% charge for making any payment with credit cards which customers need to pay. Customers from some states in USA can pay us with e-check, charge for which is 1%. If you have a Payoneer account, you can make a payment to us free of charge using your Payoneer balance.

When can I use e-check?

If you are making payment for a booking with us several months in advance, you can make payment using e-check. For booking in short notice, please use credit/debit card.

Which cards can I use?

Payoneer accepts only Visa and MasterCard.

Do I need to send my credit card details to you?

No, you never need to send us your credit card details to us. You need to enter your credit card details on the secured website of Payoneer using the link of your invoice sent from us.

Do I need to send any other documents to you?

No, you don’t. However, for some payment bigger than $1,000 US, Payoneer may ask you to send a govt. ID of yours to verify your payment to prevent any fraud.

Which email address will my payment sent to?

Your invoice will be sent from Nijhoom Tours. Your payment will go to the Nijhoom Tour’s Payoneer account associated with the email address hasan[at]nijhoom.com. Never make any payment to us if your invoice is not sent from these details.

What happens after making a payment?

After making a payment, you’ll get an automatic email from Payoneer saying your payment is under review. It will then review and approve your payment, which takes normally 1-2 calendar day, but sometime happens instantly too. Payoneer will then send you another email when the payment is successful. Your payment will reach our account ONLY if you get that payment successful email. Otherwise it will be rolled back to your card.

I did not receive any email from Payoneer. What can I do?

Please check your SPAM folder. Automatic emails normally end up on the spam folder. You will find your emails from Payoneer there.

My payment has been declined. What can I do?

Sometimes your bank / credit card company may flag a transaction with Payoneer as fraud. On that case, you need to contact them and let them know that you are making a payment to Payoneer, and try again once they clear the transaction. It will then go through. Please check here for more details regarding this.

Our Secondary Payment System

Payment with Payoneer works on 90% case. If for some reason it does not work for you, you can pay us using our secondary payment system on our bank’s secured website.

Downside of this system is, you have to send a copy of your passport to us in advance to prepare an invoice and also to submit it to our bank to release the payment as a rule. Also in most cases, you have to call your bank in advance and let them know that you are going to make a payment in Bangladesh, so that they clear the transaction and the payment goes through.

Check out details on how to make payment on our bank’s website on this video

How does this system work?

To pay us using this system, you need to send us a scanned copy of your passport and billing address of your credit card to us. After getting these documents, we’ll send you an invoice in your email address with which you can pay using credit cards.

Which credit cards you accept?

This system accepts any Visa and MasterCard. MasterCard sometimes causes problem, but Visa is very swift.

Is this payment system secured?

Yes, it is fully secured. All the transactions happen in a secured website of our bank, and the fund is transferred to us later. We do not get any information about your credit card at all.

Do I need to send you my credit card details?

No, you do not. We do not need any of your credit card details at all.

I did not receive any email from your billing system. What can I do?

Please check your SPAM folder. Automatic emails normally end up on the spam folder. You will find your emails from our billing system there, coming from billing.nijhoom[at]gmail.com.

How much is the charge for using this system

Charges will be a little less than 3%.

How do I know if a payment is successful?

For a successful payment, you’ll get an automatic receipt. Also your invoice will be marked as PAID. If there is no receipt, you’ll see your invoice status as UNPAID, meaning the payment was not successful.

My payment is not going through, what is the problem?

Sometimes banks put restrictions on making payments to unrecognized business in Bangladesh (other than hotels). On that case your payments won’t go through. You need to call your bank and tell them to clear the blockade, and try to make the payment again once the blockade is lifted. Sometimes our bank’s server gets down because of regular maintenance. On that case, you need to try to pay another time.

How long it takes to transfer the fund to your account after a payment is made?

It takes about a week to reach the fund to our account. So we advise to make payment for our services at least a week before the service date for any big payment if you intend to pay online. For short tours like day tours or 2-3 days tour, you can pay any time you like.

Other Ways to Pay Us

You can pay us in an alternative payment system, ONLY none of the above systems works for you.

Do you accept old school wire transfer?

No we do not. It is a big hassle for us to release the fund from wire transfer because of the paperwork involved. Also sometimes it takes a long time for the fund to arrive. It is not also possible to know in advance how much the bank will charge and what will be the final amount that we’ll get.

In what other way I can pay you from abroad?

You can send us the payment through Western Union. We will accept this ONLY on the rare case of none of our primary or secondary payment system works for you. This system is a hassle for us, as we need to go to a bank physically and waste lots of time to withdraw the fund. We are a very small company with limited resources to do this a lot. Also dealing with cash is not a good idea.

I am already in Bangladesh. Does it make it easy to pay?

If you are already in Bangladesh, you can go to any branch of City Bank and deposit the payment in our bank account. You do not need to have any bank account to do that. Just bring a copy of your passport. If you are staying at Gulshan or Banani area where most of the hotels are located, you’ll find a lots of branches around you. Banking hours are 10.00 am – 4.00 pm except Fridays, Saturdays, and govt. holidays.

You can also come to our office and pay in cash USD or BDT. To do that, you need to make prior appointment with us. Since we do everything online, no one visits our office normally. Being a small organization, we have very limited staff, all of whom are also our guides. You might come to our office without any notice and find everyone is on the tour and the office is closed. Don’t be surprised on that case. This is a very common scenario with us!

If you are staying at Hotel Le Meridian, Dhaka Regency, Hotel Grace 21, or the yet to open Best Western Plus Maya, we are located on the same small neighborhood. Do pay us a visit and have a cup of coffee with us.

I am already in Bangladesh, outside the banking hour, and none of your systems working for me. Any other way to to pay? I want to book a tour tomorrow.

If this is a very small amount, you can send the money to our bKash number: 01758-897959 (personal account, please add the 2% bKash charge with the payment amount). bKash is a popular mobile money transfer system in Bangladesh.

Go to any street around your hotel, find a shop with bKash logo, hand them over our number and tell them to send the money (don’t forget to mention this is a personal bKash number). They will do that for you. To avoid any mistake, tell them to call the number first and verify that it is correct (they will do it for you happily!).

Can I pay you in cash tomorrow morning when you pick me up?

No, you can not unfortunately. We used to do that a lot in past, only to find out in the morning after sending a guide and driver that people have changed their mind about the tour and not interested any more. We lost time any money.

We stopped doing that any more – nothing personal. If you can’t pay us using all these payment systems in advance, we are not probably the best match for each other for the time being. Hopefully the next time!

Have a nice holiday in Bangladesh! 🙂