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Bangladesh is a beautiful country of South Asia. Within it are primeval swamps full of man-eating tigers, the unseen relics of long-forgotten Buddhist kingdoms, lush and lurid tea plantations, tribal groups with Burmese faces, glorious beaches that stretch for eternity, freshwater dolphins and deep-water whales, and some of the most open-hearted people you'll ever meet.

On this website, you will get information about the best Bangladesh tour packages, Bangladesh tourist attractions, best Bangladesh travel tips from the experts, and more to make your Bangladesh travel a breeze. Have a nice holiday in Bangladesh!

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Holiday packages of 10-23 days all over Bangladesh from arrival to departure with hotel, breakfast, and airport transfers.

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Tours and excursions all over Bangladesh from day tours to multi-day tours with experienced guides and best quality.

Award winning tour operator in Bangladesh

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Car rental service in daily, weekly, and monthly basis with English speaking driver - Sedan, Van, SUV, Pick-up, Mini Bus.

Featured Holiday Packages
08 Days Tour in Bangladesh to Sundarbans with Rocket Steamer

Sundarbans Excursion with Rocket

08 DAYS   $760 USD*

24-31 Mar, 21-28 Apr, 22-29 Sep, 2017

03-10 Nov, 01-08 Dec, 2017

19-26 Jan, 19-26 Feb, 23-30 Mar, 2018

11 Days Highlights of Bangladesh Tour

Highlights of Bangladesh

11 DAYS   $1,025 USD*

07-17 Apr, 08-18 Sep, 2017

01-11 Jan, 02-12 Apr, 05-15 Oct, 2018

14 Days Glory of Bangladesh Tour

Glory of Bangladesh

14 DAYS   $1,420 USD*

10-23 Mar, 06-19 Oct, 15-28 Dec, 2017

05-18 Mar, 01-14 Sep, 07-20 Dec, 2018

18 Days Best of Bangladesh Tour

Best of Bangladesh

18 DAYS   $1,970 USD*

10-27 Nov, 2017 | 02-19 Feb, 2018

02-19 Nov, 2018

23 Days Exploring Bangladesh Tour

Exploring Bangladesh

23 DAYS   $2,500 USD*

03-25 Mar, 08-30 Dec, 2017

02-24 Mar, 03-25 Dec, 2018

27 Days Discover Bangladesh Tour

Discover Bangladesh

27 DAYS   $2,985 USD*

01-27 Oct, 2017

03-29 Jan, 03-29 Oct, 2018

Featured Tours
Barisal Backwater Tour in Bangladesh to explore floating markets

Barisal Backwater Tour

03 NIGHTS   $300 USD*

10-13 Jun, 22-25 Jul, 26-29 Aug, 2017

Mango Tour in Bangladesh to photograph mango activities

Mango Capital Tour

03 DAYS   $280 USD*

17-19 Jul, 2017

Sylhet Tour in Bangladesh

Sylhet Nature Tour

05 DAYS   $485 USD*

09-13 July, 2017


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Featured Blog Post

Traveler’s report on security situation in Bangladesh after 2016 attack

Traveler’s report on recent security situation in Bangladesh

Reports from Western travelers after their recent visit to Bangladesh, about the security situation in Bangladesh after the restaurant attack in July, 2016.

Most Popular Tours

Rocket Steamer Tour in Bangladesh

Rocket Steamer Tour

03 DAYS   $275 USD*

05-07 Mar, 29-31 Mar, 14-16 May, 28-30 May, 2017

04-06 Jun, 02-04 Jul, 2017

Rocket Steamer and Sundarbans Tour in Bangladesh

Rocket & Sundarbans Tour

06 DAYS   $670 USD*

25-30 Mar, 2017

Popular Day Tours

Old Dhaka Tour - Best Dhaka city tour in Bangladesh

Old Dhaka Tour


Old Capital Tour at Sonargaon

Old Capital Tour


Brass & Pottery Tour

Brass & Pottery Tour


National Assembly Tour

National Assembly Tour


Popular Photography Tours

Dhaka (East) Photography Tour

Dhaka (East) Photography Tour


Dhaka (West) Photography Tour

Dhaka (West) Photography Tour


Bangladesh Trip Reports

Popular Blog Posts

Featured Travel Stories

Bangladesh: A beautiful diverse country with so much to offer

Bangladesh: A beautiful diverse country with so much to offer

Experience of Judith Colston-Jones from UK visiting Bangladesh for two weeks with her friend Pieter and how they’ve found it’s sites, people, and culture.

Our three weeks around Bangladesh - Jackie Hulton

Our three weeks around Bangladesh

Experience of Jackie and Mike Hulton from Surrey, England, of traveling Bangladesh for 3 weeks in November, 2016, including Chittagong Hill-Tracts area.

Bangladesh: Off the tourist trails, and off the beaten track

Bangladesh: Off the tourist trails, and off the beaten track

Experience of Jeff & Hilary from New Zealand visiting Bangladesh for two weeks and how they’ve found it’s sites, people, and safety situation.

My 11 days holiday in Bangladesh during security alert from the West

My 11 days holiday in Bangladesh during security alert from the West

Story of a solo female Western traveler visiting Bangladesh during the security alert from the West, and her experience of it’s sights, people, culture, and the security situation.


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