The festival itself was an absolute highlight

Sally Yeshin Avatar
Sally Yeshin
Ross-on-Wye, UK
December 5, 2023

The trip to Bangladesh that Nijhoom Tours arranged for us was amazing. We went on the two week Raas Festival tour. Of course the festival itself was an absolute highlight. We went to both a rehearsal day and the actual day of this important Hindu festival. The dancing and costumes were stunning and the way we were made to feel welcome was terrific. Our wonderful guide Opu had arranged for front row seats at the festival and at the rehearsal we were the only people there so it was very intimate and special.

The tour also included fascinating days in Dhaka (a manic, energising city), to the old capital with its street of old merchant houses, Unesco sites with very different mosques and cultural museums. We also spent time observing life in the Ganges Delta, visiting tribal villages and walking through the beautiful tea plantations of North East Bangladesh. We were always made to feel so welcome by local people, Bangladesh is definitely one of the friendliest countries in the world.

Another highlight was our three day trip to the Sundarbans where we saw wonderful birds and animals and came very close to seeing a Tiger. Just drifting down the small channels in the peace and silence of the area was magical.

The whole tour was very well arranged and our guide Opu was great. I thoroughly recommend Nijhoom Tours.

Sally & Anthony Yeshin on a boat in River Meghna

Sally & Anthony Yeshin on a boat in River Meghna. ©Photo Credit: Nijhoom Tours.

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Daniel Brennwald Avatar
It was a diverse and colorful, well organized trip
Daniel Brennwald, Zurich, Switzerland
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Particular highlights were the pre-festival practices
Gemma Prosniewska, Ledbury, UK
Avatar of Owen Gaghan
A truly unique experience
Owen Gaughan, York, UK
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‘A heaven for photographers’ it is indeed!
Karl Willson, Chichester, UK
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Like nothing you’ve seen before
Frank Harrington, California, USA
Roger Williams, Salisbury, UK
Photo opportunities are endless and at every corner
Roger Williams, Salisbury, UK

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