Raas Festival Tour of the Manipuri Tribe in Bangladesh

Recent Reviews
Had a small boat without engine in order not to scare off animals
Cezar Dumitru, Bucharest, Romania
Perfect organization in a disorganized country
Thomas Driemeyer, Berlin, Germany
It’s a shame that more people haven’t discovered Bangladesh
Ila Roudebush, Sparks, NV, USA
We stumbled upon a tiger about to swim across the stream
Bruce Kennedy, Canada
Bangladesh is amazing – wonderful people, great food, very safe
Brian Warnke, Vancouver, Canada
Pleasantly surprised by the friendliness and curiosity of Bangladeshi people
Kathryn Fern, Cheadle Hulme, United Kingdom
The people in Bangladesh were invariably cheerful and welcoming
Richard Fairer, Worthing, United Kingdom
Found the photography opportunities in Bangladesh wonderful
Julie Fulmer, New York City, NY, USA
Did not expect to see so many diverse cultures and ethnic groups
Kawe Safavi-Bayet, Linz, Austria
We found Bangladesh remarkable and an example for other countries
Juergen Richter, San Diego, CA, USA

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Why book tours with Nijhoom Tours?

We are a multi-award-winning local tour operator in Bangladesh with vast local knowledge and the highest quality. We have 350+ reviews from our clients on TripAdvisor with an average rating of 5 on 5. We've been featured on International Travel News Magazine multiple times, published from California, USA. You'll have a great experience on our tours. By booking tours with us, you are also supporting a local small business instead of the big foreign corporations who are dominating the tourism industry with their large marketing budget.

Are you running tours during the pandemic?

Despite the pandemic, we are open and running our tours regularly. Check out our 1-7 days tour packages in Bangladesh and 8-28 days holiday packages in Bangladesh to find details on all of our tours. You can check out the latest Covid-19 travel rules in Bangladesh here.

What are the Covid-19 measures on tours?

Wearing masks, cleaning hands frequently, disinfecting the vehicles are some of the Covid-19 measures we have taken on our tours. Hand Rubs are always available on our vehicles for the guests. Check out here the latest Covid-19 travel rules in Bangladesh.

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