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Svetlana Suslova
Moscow, Russia
February 5, 2024

First of all, Nijhoom Tours is an excellent host in Bangladesh.

Mr. Hassan is attentive to every small detail in his itineraries. I think, his approach in designing the tours and Nijhoom Tours follow-up performance should be a kind of a benchmark for any other travel product at the market.

I travel frequently: in 2023 I had several trips abroad (China, Maldives, India, Thailand) and 11 short domestic trips. As for Bangladesh, it was my third trip, so I was OK to meet the traffic jams, the lack of tourist infrastructure and the unusual cuisine in the local restaurants.

And I absolutely enjoyed my holiday. This time it was 12 days “photography tour”, which covered Dhaka, Barisal, Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar area. There were only 2 people in the group: me and a nice, experienced, easy-going traveler from England. During the tour we stayed in 6 various hotels and 2 nights we spent in the sleeping cabins of a passenger ferry.

At the floating rice market in Barisal

At the floating rice market in Barisal. ©Photo Credit: Svetlana Suslova.

The accommodations was close to excellent (excluding 1 night in the Hotel Arena in Barisal, which I’d suggest to change for some another. Though it was acceptable and nothing terrible, but no kettle, no additional blanket and a very tough bed makes it not the good choice. No matter how nice people are working there – comfortable sleep is the first priority). The hotels overall were very nice: hot water, healthy food, clean rooms, friendly and helpful people.

As for sleeping cabins, on the way to Barisal I tried a “VIP” cabin with a balcony, big bed and a washroom. I paid extra 50 USD approximately on the spot. But on the way back I preferred a standard one, included in the tour: it’s a kind of adventurous experience itself – to have a journey on the ferry and try various options. The cabin was small and it was a bit noisy till midnight outside (anyway I’ve got ear-plugs just in case, had no need to use them though), but the bed was comfortable and I slept very well.

At the shipyards of Dhaka

At the shipyards of Dhaka. ©Photo Credit: Svetlana Suslova.

The tour was good organized. Usually we had activities in the morning hours and in the early evening till dinner, so we could have some time for hotel rest in the afternoon. But in most cases we were exploring the sight-seeings without much breaks or afternoon rest, as there are a lot of things to see and to do and we didn’t get tired of each other.

We have visited shipyards, fishing ports, brick factory, various local markets, villages of different tribes. We had boat rides in the beautiful rivers and also we stayed 2 nights in Cox’s Bazar, which is the world’s longest unbroken sandy beach and the most popular holiday destination for locals.

People were wonderful. They did a thousand selfies with us, we had a lot of small talks. It was a friendly atmosphere wherever we went.

Most of all I liked visiting the rural villages and getting acquainted with their lifestyle. We stopped by the school, we learnt, how villagers cultivated and traded rice, how they fished, etc.

At a tribal market in the Chittagong Hill Tracts

At a tribal market in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. ©Photo Credit: Svetlana Suslova.

Our driver was Arif: a very friendly, high-skilled, patient and calm person.

Our guide Opu Been is an awesome team leader. He coordinated everything perfectly, corrected any small inconveniences and did his best to make our tour perfect. He’s very charming (literally a movie-star looking person), engaging and he can support any conversation to anybody. He knows a lot about his country and ready to share it with guests.

I may conclude that it’s not only business or means of earnings for Mr. Hasan and Mr. Opu. Yes, they are hard working type of people. But they also love traveling, they have the very spirit of travel and this is the most valuable part of their memorable tours.

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  1. Thanks for submitting this excellent review for us on TripAdvisor!

    Based on your feedback, we have replaced Hotel Arena in Barisal with a better hotel in all of our tour packages. Clients on our future tours will now have much better sleep in Barisal.

    Looking forward to seeing you again with us in Bangladesh soon!

    Best Regards,
    Raw Hasan
    Owner, Nijhoom Tours

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