Full-On Fantastic!

Dinah Hill
Abingdon, United Kingdom
December 7, 2018

We were met at Dhaka airport and transferred to our hotel where, after a night to recover, we began an action-packed 5-day tour. Our guide, Faisal, was very knowledgeable and helpful.

After a day exploring the colourful, frantic chaos that is Dhaka it was a relief to board the Rocket and escape down the hazy river. After a comfortable night on board we drove to Bagerhat where my love of all things terracotta began… not to mention the stunning pillars of the Sixty Domed Mosque!

We then had two nights on board a private small boat on which we drifted through the Sundarbans, stopping for amazing early-morning excursions on a small boat up narrow creeks where we saw bright-coloured kingfishers, otters and monkeys.

A walk though the long grasses of Kotka Wildlife Sanctuary took us to a wonderful beach and left me relieved not to have encountered any tigers. The constant new visual and mental experiences, including a visit to a fishing village and a crocodile breeding center and a continual supply of the most delicious food, made our time in the Sundabans feel more like a week!

Mr. Hasan, owner of Nijhoom, was extremely kind and helpful organising train tickets and accommodation for us in addition to the tour. I know the tour is more expensive than others available but there is no doubting the quality!

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