Wonderful country, wonderful people

Michael Kendall
Ascot, United Kingdom
November 25, 2016

Recent events have been unkind to Bangladesh and its people. I admit to being apprehensive myself but decided that I would still go ahead with my trip. I used the services of Nijhoom Tours. My emails were responded to quick and efficiently, an itinerary was put together and the payment process was easy.

I decided to use a tour company because I wanted to go on the Rocket Steamer overnight boat and a boat tour of the Sundarbans National Park. These can be difficult and time consuming to arrange independently when you arrive 3 days minimum is advised to secure a berth on the steamer.

My tour started with a day around frenetic Dhaka. People would stop you frequently to ask how you are, where you are from and frequent requests for photographs, they were also happy to have their photographs taken.

The Rocket Steamer trip belonged in a different era, truly wonderful. A day around the UNESCO World heritage sites of Bagerhat with its many domed mosques followed, this also provided lots of opportunities to interrract with Bangladeshis visiting the area themselves.

The trip culminated with 3 days meandering the mangrove waterways of the Sundarbans in search of the elusive Tiger. No luck on this occasion but there is lots of other mammals and birds to see.

The tour went smoothly and I felt safe and comfortable everywhere I went. The food is good and the standard of the hotels were better than I expected.

Full marks Nijhoom.

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