Sundarban Excursion with Rocket

Lisa Baker
Waihi Beach, New Zealand
December 11, 2017

My brother and I have just returned from an eight day trip to Bangladesh with Nijhoom Tours and it was fantastic. We explored Dhaka with our guide Arafat on our first day then spent a night on the famous Rocket Steamer. It was the most amazing experience and we had a fabulous time with the wonderful crew and other passengers.

We spent a night in Mongla then boarded our boat, the MV Seagull for a three day two night tour of the Sunbardans. We saw amazing birds and wildlife and the Captain and crew were awesome. We had the most amazing meals on board. The ships cook is an expert and we had the best food I’ve ever had on holiday. I actually gained a couple of kilos!

We then had a night in Khulna and Arafat showed us the sights that evening. We caught the train back to Dhaka and then because I had accidentally booked my flights a day later, Arafat volunteered to show us around the markets etc. We rode on local buses and rickshaw and had a truly wonderful day.

We felt super safe the whole trip and everyone was so friendly, asking where we were from and talking about cricket. I can fully recommend Nijhoom Tours and Bangladesh as a wonderful destination.

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