Had a small boat without engine in order not to scare off animals

Cezar Dumitru
Bucharest, Romania
April 5, 2020

Bangladesh was my 131st country to visit. After a long survey (internet, but also Lonely Planet) I decided to contact Nijhoom Tours as they had the programs which suited me the best. Although Hasan (the owner) was traveling in Europe, he was very prompt in giving all the answers.

I opted for the 6-days Rocket & Sundarbans tour.

Visiting a temple at Old Dhaka in Bangladesh

Visiting a temple at Old Dhaka in Bangladesh. ©Photo Credit: Arafat Rasul

The tour went smoothly – although Bangladesh is quite challenging in terms of traffic, absolutely everything went on time and precise. Arafat was also a great guide, with lots of information, arranging everything in a perfect way and a fantastic eye to find the wildlife in the forest. Arafat had good knowledge in lots of areas – from history and religion to wildlife and always friendly and smiling.

We were lucky that on the day we went the old Rocket was operating. Arafat and his colleague arranged for me a surprise party on the boat (it was actually my birthday on the day).

Visiting the Sixty Dome Mosque at Bagerhat in Bangladesh

Visiting the Sixty Dome Mosque at Bagerhat in Bangladesh. ©Photo Credit: Arafat Rasul

I should highlight that in Sundarbans we had a small boat (with a 7-people crew for 3 guests !) so when we visited the channels we had a small boat without engine in order not to scare off animals – all the other tours were on big boats and the trips were done on overcrowded engine-powered boats (I wonder if they saw any animal or bird).

Food was great on the boat (we got a great cook and only fresh food), accommodation in Khulna was top and all the cars we were transported were top quality ones.

I would conclude the services were world-class in a pretty tough environment.

At Sundarbans Mangrove Forest in Bangladesh

With the forest ranger at Sundarbans Mangrove Forest in Bangladesh. ©Photo Credit: Arafat Rasul

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