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Thomas booked a Sundarbans tour package in Bangladesh with us and had a great experience
Thomas Driemeyer
Berlin, Germany
March 22, 2020

This agency rocks. I had a Sundarbans tour in Bangladesh canceled on me by another agency and called Nijhoom the day before I left for Bangladesh. They not only managed to put together a six-day tour for me, including hotels, boat cabins, transportation, and national forest permit but also arranged one of the highly coveted cabins on a century-old Rocket paddle-wheel steamer! All that in only a few days and over the weekend too.

And these are the days of the Coronavirus, where everything is difficult. Arafat, our Nijhoom tour guide, went way beyond his duties to help us get home safely when everything around us was shutting down.

You are in really good hands here. I have traveled widely, in over 70 countries, and I am very impressed. If you want to travel in Bangladesh, look no further than Nijhoom.

Visiting the Dhakeshwari Temple in Old Dhaka

Thomas Driemeyer visiting the Dhakeshwari Temple in Old Dhaka. ©Photo Credit: Cezar Dumitru

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