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Samuel Gomberg from USA visiting Bangladesh with Nijhoom Tours
Samuel Gomberg
Chicago, Illinois, USA
November 26, 2018

My trip with Nijhoom Tours in Bangladesh went great. I found Bangladesh to be a friendly, safe, and beautiful country. Our guides were attentive, organized, and knowledgeable. The whole trip exceeded my expectations.

Our tour started in Dhaka which can only be described as organized mayhem. Having a good guide in the city was absolutely the way to go. Faisal kept track of our group and was very well organized which allowed us to take in the sights of the city and truly enjoy our experience there. The people of Dhaka are friendly and courteous and I never once felt unsafe. But navigating Dhaka without a guide would be a challenge.

Once we left for the Sundarbans, Faisal did a great job adjusting plans when drivers went on strike. We all thought the impromptu rickshaw ride through the Bangladesh countryside was one of the highlights of the trip. Once we hit the river, the boat we stayed on was clean and crewed by a friendly and competent staff. The food was better than expected for sure.

The Sundarbans are amazing. The landscape is beautiful, particularly at sunrise and sunset. The birdlife was also surprising diverse, colorful and made for a great symphony in the mornings. Butterflies, spotted deer, swimming in the Bay of Bengal all made for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

While Ali, our wildlife guide, did a great job with the wildlife and rural culture, Faisal was just as knowledgeable about the variety of mosques and the Bangladeshi culture as we toured the mosques of Bagerhat.

All in all, it was a great trip that I would recommend to anyone looking to get off the beaten path. Thank you to Nijhoom tours for a wonderful experience.

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