People were very friendly, wanting to take our photos

Karen Fraser Avatar
Karen Fraser
Portsmouth, United Kingdom
January 12, 2019

Experience of Karen Fraser from Portsmouth, United Kingdom visiting Bangladesh with Nijhoom Tours on a 14 day Glories of Bangladesh Tour

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Bangladesh was everything I imagined and more. People were very friendly, wanting to take our photos (a first as a tourist), as well as us wanting to take photos of them.

The cruise on the Sundarbans was my favourite; could have done a day or so more. Very comfortable boat, lovely crew and plenty of delicious food. Faisal our leader and Ali our Sundarbans guide were excellent, very knowledgeable. It made a lovely change for me to be in a small group of 5 (less hassle for the leader and easier to make friends).

Traveling on Rocket paddle steamer in Bangladesh

© Traveling on Rocket paddle steamer in Bangladesh. Photo Credit: Faisal Mahmud

The only problem was on arrival to Dhaka, immigration did not want to let me in! After about an hours wait, they did eventually give me a visa for just the length of my trip instead of the normal 30 days. Hasan who met me, explained about the problems with the coming elections. As I arrived on my birthday, he had bought me a birthday present of a handmade shoulder bag, which made up for the visa problem. A very surprising nice touch.

Visiting a river island in Bangladesh

© Visiting a river island in Bangladesh. Photo Credit: Faisal Mahmud

Nijhooms organisation of booking & the trip was excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending the company to anyone thinking of visiting Bangladesh.

Well done Nijhoom Tours.

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