Found the photography opportunities in Bangladesh wonderful

Julie Fulmer
New York City, NY, USA
December 22, 2019

Know how much I enjoyed Nijhoom’s 14 day trip in Bangladesh. The tour was incredibly professional whilst fun and really a treat!

Bangladesh is an amazing country!!! On the one hand, Bangladesh is very safe to visit, and from the other – almost totally unspoiled with mass tourism. I learned a lot about the country and found the photography opportunities wonderful.

Our group of four traveled to wonderful ancient sites, interesting villages, and the old capital of Sonargon. Dhaka is incredible and a photographer’s dream. Faisal was our guide. He was always on time as well as very helpful to all members of the group. Our driver was also great. A very pleasant person, he also looked out for our welfare.

I also found that the boat crew for our three days in the Sundarbans as very competent. They always took good care of us. My compliments to the boat’s cook as the food were very fresh there was a great variety of Bangladeshi traditional cuisine.

Bangladesh is really a great country to explore. So may highlights in nature, culture, great food and last but not least, fantastic people!!! I would highly recommend Nijhoom Tours and its owner Raw Hasan.

Visiting a fishing village in the outskirt of Sundarbans in Bangladesh

Visiting a fishing village in the outskirt of Sundarbans in Bangladesh. ©Photo Credit: Faisal Mahmud

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