Truly the best trip we have ever done all over the world

Gary LeClair
Springfield, OR, USA
February 19, 2018

My wife and I arrived in Dhaka New Years’ Eve for 30 days of touring with Nijhoom Tours. We are senior Americans with extensive travel experience, but my wife has a leg condition which requires her to keep her legs flat in a vehicle. We had emailed back and forth and Hasan (the owner) assured us we would have a private van with just the two of us for our entire tour.

Indeed, everything was as promised. Our guide, Arafat was beside us everywhere. It was truly the best trip we have ever done, and we have done this style of touring all over the world. Our driver, Liton, was superb weaving through the crazy Bangladesh traffic with ease. We felt safe at all times–in fact, no one hassled us, bumped us, insulted us or bothered us throughout 30 days in this primitive country.

Gary LeClair having fun with children in Bangladesh

Having fun with children in Bangladesh. ©Photo Credit: Arafat Rasul

The locals gathered around to see us as our white faces were so unusual. We saw four other foreign tourists. We had a boat with six crew all to ourselves exploring the Sunderban mangrove forest reserve. We ventured into tribal villages in secured areas. We rode trains, dugout boats with Chinese engines, three domestic air trips and hours in the van over rough, broken up roads.

Our hotels were the best available and carefully chosen by Hasan. Be sure to stay at the Lakeshore Banani in Dhaka (no Lakeshore!) with superb staff. We were in the hotel four different times each time we returned to Dhaka! The meals throughout the trip were superb and Arafat knew the local restaurants and even cooked meals for us, teaching my wife cooking secrets.

Janice Friend taking photo with children in Bangladesh

Taking photo with children in Bangladesh. ©Photo Credit: Arafat Rasul

The pace of this trip is brisk. This is not the trip for you if you haven’t traveled to primitive countries with honking horns, bad roads, and lots of people. However, if you have a sense of adventure you will see sights in Bangladesh unlike any in the world, even Myanmar and India, which we have toured.

Don’t miss it. Nijhoom is rated #1 in Bangladesh for a reason–honest, caring, eager people!

At the UNESCO site of Sompur Bihar in Bangladesh

At the UNESCO site of Sompur Bihar in Bangladesh. ©Photo Credit: Arafat Rasul

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  1. Interested readers can read the Bangladesh experience of Gary LeClair and Janice Friend with lots more interesting photos, written by Janice Friend here: Bangladesh: A country with contrasts and diversity

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