23 days travel in Bangladesh

Kirsten & Jan Christoffersen
Bergen, Norway
March 30, 2018

We have just come back from a 23 days trip of Bangladesh, which took us almost to every corner of the country. We experienced traveling by trains, cars, boats and planes. It was very interesting and very hectic as well.

All the people we met was very friendly and curious, and probably not used to tourists, we felt special, as hundreds wanted to take selfies with us. The itinerary could have been better by less mosques / temples, and more free time. The drivers were friendly and good drivers. It is important to remember that the driving pattern is much more chaotic than in the western countries, but we felt safe all the time.

Our guide for most of the period was very knowledgeable, had a keen eye for spotting wildlife (we did see the wild fishing cat and king cobra). His name was Arafat, and we highly recommend him.

After a long deliberation we found that the long drives and lack of free time did not warrant the highest score. So we will give it a 4.

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  1. Thank you for visiting Bangladesh with Nijhoom Tours and your feedback!

    Based on your feedback, we’ve done the following improvements on the itinerary:

    1. We’ve marked some parts of the itinerary which our future clients can skip and have some free time (e.g. Day-10: Chars of Jamuna / Free Morning), as they will have opportunity to experience something similar on another part of the tour.

    2. We’ve re-arranged the three days itinerary of Srimangal and added a free afternoon for all of our holiday packages (e.g. Day-12: Lawachhara National Park, Free Afternoon).

    3. Other free time already included on the tour are: Day-20: Free Morning, Drive to Cox’s Bazar; and Day-22: Free Morning, Cox’s Bazar – Dhaka on Flight. Also there will be lots of idle time on the first and last day at Sundarbans.

    5. We’ve added a train ride back to Dhaka from Bogra instead of driving to Dhaka on all of our holiday packages (we’ve also provided this on your tour as extra outside the itinerary). Although we’ll not be able to provide the class with air-conditioning on the train most of the time (for being an old train with very limited first class) and this is the only day-time train on that route, our future clients will now be able to avoid tremendous traffic on that route which they will face by taking the car.

    Outside your feedback, we have also included visiting a fishing port on the second day at Cox’s Bazar (Day-21), which is a place full of activities and an exclusive place for photography. This will now make that part of the tour lots more interesting and will be a highlight of the tour for our future clients.

    Looking forward to see you again with us in Bangladesh!

    Raw Hasan
    Founder & CEO, Nijhoom Tours

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