Best of Bangladesh: 18 days

Susan Bicknell
London, United Kingdom
March 6, 2017

Nijhoom Tours organised a very comprehensive and satisfying tour of this unusual and little visited country. Mr Hasan, Arafat the guide and Liton the driver, managed to take us, 4 ladies of certain ages with baggage, around a country in it’s infancy of tourism. They certainly showed us “The Best of Bangladesh ” in 18 days on the Original tour.

We saw Mosques, Temples and monasteries, crocodiles, birds and bazaars, rice paddies and brick factories and…People! They are the smile-iest people I have ever met with a huge penchant for taking “Selfies”. We really felt like royalty, but it also allowed us to take photos of them too, for our own memories.

We stayed in 3, 4 and 5 star hotels, boats, including The Rocket, a 100 year old paddle steamer, a mountain resort and an Eco lodge on a tea estate with only one blip after a long day’s drive. We visited tribal villages and saw their simple and precarious way of life and we also saw the darker sides of traffic jams, pot holes, dust, ship breaking and huge garment factories. The two latter essential to the economy of this emerging country.

We also paid a poignant visit to the WWII Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery in Chittagong, where people of all denominations and nationalities are remembered. And we took the train to give us a chance to see another way to get around the country.

All religions are tolerated here and the people don’t push their wares at you…but there are colourful and bustling bazaars selling everything you could ever imagine.

Bangladesh is an interesting country, opening its self up to tourism with a big smiling Selfie…so go soon before the crowds rush in and enjoy yourself!

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