18 Day Best of Bangladesh Tour

Deirdre Cockcroft
Salisbury, United Kingdom
March 16, 2017

I was on the Nijhoom Tour in February reviewed by Susan above. I agree completely with all she has written. The word comprehensive does say it all. Wherever we went we were made to feel special: on the four cabin boat in the Sundabans delicious food and snacks would magically appear from a tiny kitchen space. And from here we made quiet forays up the narrow canals in small canoe to observe the wildlife.

My favourites were the birds, especially the various kingfishers and golden orioles. Accompanied by a forest ranger with rifle we felt safe from wild boars or tigers (rarely seen). We had to be satisfied with early morning sight of tiger footprints in the mud.

Our guide Arafat, with us throughout, took us into villages where foreigners a rarity. In one we watched a mother and daughter make popcorn and elsewhere a village enterprise of processing coconuts; the milk, the matting and residue to fish food; all part of a co-operative. So many different experiences: mosques, temples, museums, floating down rivers, hill tribes……

Everywhere we went we had a smiling welcome and happy to have their photo taken. Although we saw little of actual poverty in the countryside the signs were there of a very precarious way of life dependent on the vagaries of climate. Large areas of paddy fields have been turned into fish farms which although an alternative source of income would not be able to be reinstated again to rice planting.

We were in Bangladesh in winter which has had no rain for months and unlikely to have any till May. I loved my time there and would like to return at some time during the monsoon season when the trees are refreshed, and during the different crop seasons.

Somehow Bangladesh seems to have only been ‘discovered’ by a few tourists. We have been so lucky to have visited before it becomes a much deserved tourist destination.

In his ’18 Day Best of Bangladesh’ Raw Hasan of Nijhoom Tours has put together an excellent introduction to this wonderful country.

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