Fabulous choice for touring Bangladesh

Svetlana Suslova
Moscow, Russia
November 17, 2015

From the pre-tour communication with Hasan to the tour itself led by Masbah everything was very good! They were efficient and organized and I felt I could trust them.

Hasan designed very interesting itineraries for his tours and he helped me to choose the best one according to the length of my vacation (1.5 week long). He replied to my numerous questions very fast. He was very attentive to details.

And I joined the already scheduled tour. So I had a companion for the most part of my travel – a girl from Norway. It made my trip cheaper a little bit. And it was a good luck to meet such a nice companion as she was (Its always a real pleasure to meet wonderful people when you are a solo-traveler and when being so far from your home and family).

Our guide Masbah had a huge amount of information for us everywhere we went. We had such a great adventure getting glimpses into villages, and towns, and jungles. Masbah was very friendly and cheerful and always seemed to be in a good mood for us and always was thinking of how to make our staying joyful at every moment. Its not easy and Its a very professional attitude to work! And what is also important he is a very knowledgeable and intelligent person. So it was not difficult to find interesting topics to discuss with him and Hilde even with my non-fluent English.

Other people from Nijhoom team was very nice too. Arafat in Srimangol. Liton in Dhaka… Ali and the crew of the boat… My best wishes to all of them.

So I had an experience of coming by steamer, by train and had nights on the boat. It often occurs that in tours you have to get up very early and pack and unpack your bag almost every day. But I think during vacations it’s essentially to have sometimes time to sleep much and not to be in a hurry, just relax as we did on the boat and in Srimangol.

It may not be easy to travel in Bangladesh: sometimes there are to many crowds, too many traffic jams, too much noise.. Trains and hotels may not be perfectly comfortable.. But anyway the overall impression of my holidays is wonderful. And I would not hesitate to recommend Nijhoom Tours to anyone considering travel to South Asia in general and to Bangladesh in particular.

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