11 days in beautiful Bangladesh

Hilde Steen
Kristiansand, Norway
November 7, 2016

I had an 11 days group tour with Nijhoom Tours. It was well organized, no time wasted, and great tour guides. I got to see a lot of what Bangladesh has to offer, from interesting buildings in Dhaka, river boat trips, train trips, tee plantations, and my absolute favorite, a 3 day trip in the Sundarbans!

It was all over a great experience, and a very interesting country to visit. May be specially because it`s not the most typical country to visit. But I would recommend traveling to Bangladesh to anyone. They’ve got culture, beautiful nature and the nicest people you’ve ever met!

And if you decide to go, I would absolutely recommend Nijhoom Tours. They are very helpful before you arrive, so you can select the best route/program for yourself. And they have great tour guides and staff that take good care of you. And they don’t waste your time so you get to experience a lot on a short time. Which I liked a lot, cause I didn’t have a lot of time =)

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