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Jennifer W.
Vancouver, Canada
May 5, 2018

I wanted to visit Bangladesh, but I didn’t feel comfortable traveling alone as a single woman who doesn’t speak the local language. I booked the Highlights of Bangladesh small group tour and I was amazed by how many different sights and activities were included in a relatively short period of time (9 days excluding arrival and departure).

Many of the places we visited were remote and it would have been difficult to visit them without a guide who had local knowledge. We also spent three days exploring the Sundarbans region by riverboat, and the hospitality on-board was excellent. Being a vegetarian was somewhat challenging in Bangladesh, but the crew prepared many veggie-based meals for me to enjoy.

During the tour, all of the logistical details such as transportation, accommodation, and scheduled activities were organized by our guide; we were very well cared for and I never had any concerns about my health or safety.

I liked being part of a small group (there were four tour members in total) because I was able to connect with other travelers, but we were a small enough group that our experience felt authentic.

I would recommend Nijhoom Tours to anyone who wants to have a genuine experience of Bangladesh while also enjoying a high level of comfort and security.

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