Dhaka Photography Tour: Full day street photography

Dhaka Photography Tour - Full day street photography in Old Dhaka streets

Tour Duration: Full Day Tour (10 Hrs)
Location: Old Dhaka
Tour Attractions: Street Photography in mega city Dhaka
Best time to go: Round the year
Tour Available: Round the year except Friday and Govt. Holidays
Next Scheduled Tour: N/A
Dhaka Photography Tour

Price: Starting from $52 USD*/per pax

Dhaka is a mega city of more than 150 million people – one of the most densely populated city in the world. It has many interesting streets, specially in Old Dhaka, which are heaven for photographers. In this Dhaka photography tour, we’ll take you to the streets of old Dhaka for photography where you’ll find thousands of perfect subjects to shoot.

We’ll use mainly rickshaws to transport you from one street to another in Old Dhaka on this Dhaka photography tour, and you’ll walk on these streets and look for the perfect subject to shoot the whole day. You’ll be amazed to see how friendly are people here. They’ll pose for your photo and no one will ever ask for money unlike other countries. If you are interested in street or portrait photography, this tour will be perfect for you. You can take this tour over and over again in search for a perfect photo.

Bakorkhani Seller - ...

Man of belief - by R...

Sakhari Bazar - Juan...

Dry-fish shop at Kaw...

Food and water - by ...

House boat - by Juho...

Another shopkeeper a...

Prayer on pous-songk...

Shop keeper - by Rak...

A Shop at spare part...

Sweet Maker - by Kum...

Fragility - by Debas...

Itinerary of Dhaka Photography Tour

  • 08.00 – 08.00 AM: Pick-up from hotel/residence and drive toward Old Dhaka.
  • 08.45 – 09.15 AM: Photography at Kawran Bazar – the largest wholesale market of Dhaka city.
  • 10.00 – 10.30 AM: Photography at Bongshal Road – the largest bicycle market of Dhaka city, also known as bicycle street.
  • 11.00 – 11.30 AM: Photography at Chawk Bazar – the most interesting market of Dhaka city where you can get almost anything you need. This is the largest wholesale market for street vendors who come here from every corner of the country.
  • 12.00 – 12.20 AM: Photography at Islampur Road – the largest wholesale clothing market of Dhaka city.
  • 12.30 – 01.00 PM: Photography at Sakhari Bazar – a heritage street which is famous for the culture and heritage of the Hindu community of Dhaka city, also known as Hindu Street.
  • 01.00 – 01.45 PM: Lunch on a local restaurant (local food)
  • 02.15 – 02.45 PM: Photography at Tanti Bazar – the heart of Dhaka city’s jewellery business, full of jewellery shops and workshops. You’ll find the most skilled jewellery artisans here.
  • 03.15 – 03.45 PM: Photography at Sadarghat Boat Terminal – city’s largest river station full of activities from where all the passenger ferries leave for different parts of the country, specially to the Barishal division on south.
  • 04.00 – 05.00 PM: Boat riding at river Buriganga. This is the most interesting place in Dhaka full of activities. You’ll see a river full of hundreds of ferries coming and going, country boats crossing the river with passengers, cargo boats, and dock yards where ferries are being repaired.
  • 06.00 – 06.00 PM: Drop at the hotel/residence. End of Dhaka photography tour.

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Dholaikhal PT: 23.710435, 90.417910
Kawran Bazar PT: 23.753889, 90.392500
Islampur Road PT: 23.710042, 90.407194
Bangshal Road PT: 23.717390, 90.409734
Tati Bazar PT: 23.711712, 90.408425
Sakhari Bazar PT: 23.709995, 90.409683
Sadarghat Terminal PT: 23.705585, 90.409740
Buriganga boat ride PT: 23.701319, 90.413060

Price of Dhaka Photography Tour

  • 1 Pax Tour: 8,000 BDT / $104 USD
  • 2 Pax Group: 5,000 BDT / $65 USD Per Person
  • 3 Pax Group: 4,500 BDT / $58 USD Per Person
  • 4 Pax Group: 4,000 BDT / $52 USD Per Person

Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Tour includes:
    • Air-conditioned car, and driver.
    • English speaking guide.
    • All site entrance tickets.
    • Lunch on a local restaurant (authentic local food).
    • All rickshaw and boat rides.
    • All tips except our guide and driver.
  • Does not include any drink, beverage, or any personal item.
    • Remarks on Dhaka Photography Tour

      • Specialty of Bengali food is they are spicy, which is the main difference with Indian food. Khichuri (made of rice, daal, and meat) and Biriani (rice and meat cooked specially with added spice) are two of the most famous foods of Old Dhaka – specially Biriani.
      • We can take you to a western restaurant if you wish (only on a private tour) on your own expenses.
      • There could be incredible traffic in Dhaka some time when everything stops in every intersection. You could be stopped on the same place for a long time without even moving. Be prepared to walk a lot, and wear shoes accordingly. Traffic is little bit lighter on Fridays and Saturdays, being week-ends.
      • Pick-up time will be 9.00 am during Fridays, Saturdays, and other govt. holidays, as there would be less traffic on the streets during these days. For hotels located in the southern part of Dhaka city, pickup time will be at 9.00 am (changable upon request) for Dhaka Photography Tour.
      • We’ll require the full payment in advance by credit card to book this tour. Details of our online payment system could be found here: Online payment FAQs.

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