These are our general terms for monthly basis car rental for sedan, van, and mini-van:

  • Car will be on duty for 6 days a week – means, there will be a day off for both car and driver.
  • After duty, car will stay in our place (could be made exception on negotiation).
  • General duty will be 10 hours per day, after which there will be 50 BDT per hour driver overtime – no overtime for car.
  • 100 BDT per day for driver’s lunch. If on duty after 08.00pm, another 100 BDT for dinner.
  • Govt. holidays will be counted as off days.
  • Under no circumstances car will be on road during Hartals/Road Blocks or on similar situation when there is possibilities of mass violence on the street.
  • If car is on duty during off days, daily rate will be applicable for that day.
  • Expense of fuel (CNG) is yours. Other than CNG, need to provide 20 liters octane for the car per month (once), as the cars starts on octane and need to run some way on octane to keep the system fit.
  • Rent of every month need to be paid in advance in the 1st day of the month.