Overnight tours in Bangladesh

Overnight Tours

02 Days 01 Night tour all over Bangladesh. Perfect for expats working in Bangladesh. Friday and Saturday is weekend in Bangladesh, so tourist destinations will be busy on those days. Advised to book these tours early.

Temple Village Tour in Bangladesh

Temple Village Tour

02 DAYS, 01 NIGHT   17,000 BDT / $220 USD*

Visit the dilapidated palaces and bewitching temples at the delightful little village Puthia, dwell in the beautiful royal palace at Natore full of fanciful gardens and temple-hemmed ponds. Also visit Barendra Research Museum, and enjoy a boat ride on mighty river Padma during sunset. Perfect tour to enjoy an week-end in Bangladesh.

Location: Puthia, Rajshahi, and Natore | Tour Details

Srimangal Overnight Tour in Bangladesh

Srimangal Overnight Tour

02 DAYS, 01 NIGHT   14,000 BDT / $180 USD*

Spend an week-end cycling through the numerous tea plantations at Srimangal. Visit the villages of indigenous people like Tripura, Khasia, and Monipuri to see their lifestyle, trek through Lawachara National Park to discover many rare species of wildlife, specially the Hollock Gibbons.

Location: Srimangal | Tour Details


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