3-Day Tour Packages All Over Bangladesh

Listed on this page are all of our 3-day tour packages all over Bangladesh. Perfect for people who have minimal time to travel to Bangladesh and want to explore some of the country’s best sights and attractions.

3 days Srimangal Tour Package in Sylhet, Bangladesh

Srimangal Leisure Tour

3 DAYS   $430* US   Check Tour Details

Srimangal is the tea capital of Bangladesh. This hilly area, with endless tea plantations and magnificent forests, is one of the country’s most picturesque and enjoyable parts. In the Srimangal Leisure Tour, you’ll walk through the trails in some beautiful tea estates, trek inside Lawachhara National Park in search of endangered hoolock gibbons, visit remote villages of different tribes outside the tourist trails and experience their lifestyles. Also, visit a handicraft market of the Manipuri tribe, and taste the famous 7 Layers Tea of Srimangal. A quick tour to see some highlights of Bangladesh.

 Location: Srimangal

Dhaka & Bagerhat Tour in Bangladesh

Dhaka & Bagerhat Tour

3 DAYS   $345* US   Check Tour Details

An overnight journey from Dhaka to Barisal/Hularhat on a passenger ferry, including full-day sightseeing at New & Old Dhaka, and visiting 60 Dome Mosque and Kodla Moth at Bagerhat. Greatest opportunity to discover the riverine beauty of Bangladesh in this Dhaka & Bagerhat Tour, recommended by popular travel guides including Bradt and LonelyPlanet.

 Location: DhakaBagerhatKhulna

Sundarban Tour by small boat from Mongla in Bangladesh

Sundarban Tour

3 DAYS   $560* US   Check Tour Details

An exclusive tour to visit Sundarban, the largest mangrove forest on earth, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stay on our small houseboat and explore the forest for full three days. Our tours start at Mongla, the edge of the forest, with a group of a maximum of 6 travelers only – unlike the picnic parties of the traditional operators from Khulna on large boats with 40-70 people and wasting a full day in a round-trip to reach the forest and back. Get an authentic experience of Sundarban and a chance to see Bengal tigers, spotted deer, river dolphins, wild boars, clawless otters, monkeys, and salt-water crocodiles, together with many other species of birds and wildlife.

 Location: MonglaSundarban Mangrove Forest

A photo of Shiva Temple in Puthia on our Best of Rajshahi Tour

Best of Rajshahi

3 DAYS   $420* US   Check Tour Details

Immerse in Rajshahi region’s rich history and vibrant culture on our Best of Rajshahi tour. Explore the temple-studded village of Puthia and the medieval Bagha and Kusumba Mosque, exhibiting intricate terracotta and stone craftsmanship. Marvel at the grandeur of the 8th-century Somapura Mahavihara in Paharpur, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visit a Santhal tribal village to experience indigenous lifestyles. Thrive in the bustling energy of northwestern Bangladesh’s largest wholesale vegetable market. Conclude with the ancient city of Mahasthangarh. This tour encapsulates the best of Rajshahi in a short span, offering a rich, immersive experience.

 Location: PuthiaBaghaRajshahiKusumbaPaharpurBogra

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