4-Day Tour Packages All Over Bangladesh

Listed on this page are all of our 4-day tour packages all over Bangladesh. Perfect for people who have minimal time to travel to Bangladesh and want to explore some of the country’s best sights and attractions.

Barisal Backwater Tour in Bangladesh

Barisal Backwater Tour

4-DAY TOUR   $450 US*  Check Tour Details

Visit Dhaka and Rupganj. Experience life on Ganges Delta in Barisal by exploring it’s rivers and canals on a country boat and visiting it’s numerous floating markets, endless guava gardens, timber market, sawmills, brick factories, schools, and villages. Go overland and meet people. It will be a unique and highly photogenic experience full of activities.

 Location: Barisal

Backwater & Bagerhat Tour in Bangladesh

Backwater & Bagerhat Tour

4-DAY TOUR   $440 US*  Check Tour Details

Experience life and culture on the backwaters of Barisal, the southern division of Bangladesh which is awash with rivers and canals and is the heart of Ganges Delta, where traveling by boat is the way of life. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage City in Bagerhat, and spend a day exploring the life and sights on mega city Dhaka, one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

 Location: BarisalBagerhat

Exploring Rajshahi - Best archaeological sites of north-western Bangladesh

Exploring Rajshahi

4-DAY TOUR   $485 US*  Check Tour Details

Explore the best archaeological sites of Bangladesh. Start by visiting temple village Puthia, continue to the ancient Bengal capital Gaur, medieval period Kusumba Mosque, 8th-century Somapuri Mahabhihara at Paharpur, a Santhal tribal village, the largest bazaar on north-western Bangladesh, and finish with visiting chars of river Jamuna in Sariakandi. Best tour to experience the life and sights of north-western Bangladesh.

 Location: RajshahiPuthiaGaudaKusumbaPaharpurSariakandi

Best of Chittagong - Experience the very best of Chittagong Hilltracts

Best of Chittagong

4-DAY TOUR   $690 US*  Check Tour Details

Experience the very best of Chittagong Hill-Tracts, a hilly region unlike other parts of Bangladesh and home of numerous indigenous groups. Visit tribal villages and bazaars, ride a boat at Kaptai lake and Sangu river, and visit the controversial Chittagong Ship Breaking Yards.

 Location: ChittagongRangamatiBandarban