Archaeological Tour Packages in Bangladesh

Listed on this page are the best archaeological tours in Bangladesh, featuring the most impressive archaeological sites, including ancient Buddhist monasteries, temples, mosques, forts, colonial-era palaces, lost and abandoned cities, and the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Avatar image of full day Sonargaon Tour with a Panam City Tour to Bangladesh Old Capital

Sonargaon & Panam City Tour

1 DAY   $70* US   Check Tour Details

Experience the captivating Sonargaon and Panam City Tour, a day trip from Dhaka that showcases the highlights of Bengal’s old capital during the medieval era. Discover the abandoned city of Panam Nagar, a 19th-century trading center for Hindu cotton merchants. Explore the Sonargaon Folk Arts and Crafts Museum, Boro Sardar Bari, the pre-Mughal architecture Goaldi Mosque, and the tomb of an independent ruler of Sonargaon. Take a scenic boat ride on the Meghna River and experience the village life on a sandbank island. This tour is a must-do for anyone visiting Bangladesh, offering an immersive experience that reveals the country’s rich cultural heritage.

 Location: Sonargaon

A photo of beautiful Kantajew Temple in Dinajpur on our day tour

Kantajew Temple Day Tour

1 DAY   $225* US   Check Tour Details

Explore the enchanting beauty of some of Bangladesh’s hidden gems on an unforgettable day tour to Dinajpur and Saidpur. Marvel at the Kantajew Temple, every inch wrapped in stunning terracotta describing epic Hindu stories. And historic Nayabad Mosque and Chini Mosque. Experience award-winning sustainable architecture at a school in a remote village and visit a train station to witness rural life. This all-inclusive journey starts and ends in Dhaka, making it the perfect escape for those short on time but eager to explore. Discover the magic of some of Bangladesh’s most captivating attractions, all nestled in the country’s farthest reaches, in just one incredible day.

 Location: DinajpurSaidpur

A photo of Chunakhola Mosque at Bagerhat on Dhaka and Bagerhat Tour in Bangladesh

Dhaka & Bagerhat Tour

2 DAYS   $295* US   Check Tour Details

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Bangladesh with the enchanting Dhaka & Bagerhat tour. Experience the vibrant energy of the megacity of Dhaka by visiting both the New and Old Dhaka, followed by a relaxing overnight journey on a passenger ferry to Barisal. Discover the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bagerhat, famous for its historical mosques, including the Sixty Dome Mosque, and visit a stunning terracotta Hindu temple in a remote village outside the city. This weekend getaway is perfect for history enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. If you plan to extend your trip to India, we offer a transfer service to the Benapole/Petrapole border for a crossover to Kolkata at the end of the tour.

 Location: DhakaBagerhat

A photo of Shiva Temple in Puthia on our Best of Rajshahi Tour

Best of Rajshahi

3 DAYS   $455* US   Check Tour Details

Immerse in Rajshahi region’s rich history and vibrant culture on our Best of Rajshahi tour. Explore the temple-studded village of Puthia and the medieval Bagha and Kusumba Mosque, exhibiting intricate terracotta and stone craftsmanship. Marvel at the grandeur of the 8th-century Somapura Mahavihara in Paharpur, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visit a Santhal tribal village to experience indigenous lifestyles. Thrive in the bustling energy of northwestern Bangladesh’s largest wholesale vegetable market. Conclude with the ancient city of Mahasthangarh. This tour encapsulates the best of Rajshahi in a short span, offering a rich, immersive experience.

 Location: PuthiaBaghaRajshahiKusumbaPaharpurBogra

A photo of Small Golden Mosque in Gauda on our Exploring Rajshahi Tour

Exploring Rajshahi

4 DAYS   $610* US   Check Tour Details

Explore the best archaeological sights of Rajshahi. Start your journey in the serene temple village of Puthia and the historic Bagha Mosque. The highlight of your exploration will be Gauda, the former capital of Bengal, renowned for its impressive architectural wonders. Continue to the medieval Kusumba Mosque and the 8th-century Somapura Mahavihara at Paharpur. Experience the unique culture of a Santhal tribal village and explore the largest wholesale bazaar in northwestern Bangladesh. Your adventure culminates at Mahasthangarh, an ancient site of immense significance, providing a deep dive into the rich history and vibrant life of northwest Bangladesh.

 Location: PuthiaBaghaRajshahiSonamasjidKusumbaPaharpurBogra

A photo of Kantajew Temple in Dinajpur on our Discover Rajshahi Tour

Discover Rajshahi

6 DAYS   $1,020* US   Check Tour Details

Embark on a journey to uncover the rich archaeological treasures of the entire northwest region on our Discover Rajshahi tour. Visit an 8th-century Buddhist monastery, a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. Marvel at the grandeur of medieval mosques, their architectural beauty speaking volumes about the region’s Islamic history. Walk through the region’s finest temples and palaces, each a symbol of artistic prowess and a window into a time gone by. Experience the authentic and vibrant life of a Santhal tribal village, offering a unique insight into their centuries-old traditions. This tour is your gateway to explore northwestern Bangladesh’s rich cultures and captivating heritage.

 Location: NatoreRajshahiPuthiaBaghaSonamasjidKusumbaPaharpurBograRangpurDinajpur

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