5-Day Tour Packages All Over Bangladesh

Listed on this page are all of our 5-day tour packages all over Bangladesh. Perfect for people who have minimal time to travel to Bangladesh and want to explore some of the country’s best sights and attractions.

5 days Discover Sylhet Tour Package in Sylhet & Sreemangal, Bangladesh

Discover Sylhet

5 DAYS   $675* US   Check Tour Details

Embark on the fascinating Discover Sylhet tour and uncover the enchanting beauty and unique lifestyle of the Sylhet and Sreemangal regions. Experience stone-collecting activities in Jaflong, ride a boat on the blue-water canal Lalakhal and visit Shahjalal’s shrine in Sylhet. Explore remote villages of different tribes, trek in Lawachhara National Park searching for the endangered Hoolock Gibbons, and walk in endless tea plantations in Sreemangal. Taste the signature 7-layer tea, and wonder in the vibrant tribal handicraft market. Discover the natural beauty, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality of Sylhet and Sreemangal in one captivating journey.

 Location: SylhetSreemangal

Sundarban tour package from Dhaka

Dhaka, Bagerhat & Sundarban Tour

5 DAYS   $1,020* US   Check Tour Details

Explore the wonders of Bangladesh with our Sundarban tour package from Dhaka. Begin in vibrant Dhaka, where history and modernity intertwine. Discover archaeological marvels in Bagerhat World Heritage Site, from magnificent mosques to a grand Hindu temple. Then, delve into the enchanting Sundarban Mangrove Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cruise its mystical waterways, spot the majestic Bengal tigers, spotted deer, clawless otters, salt-water crocodiles, Indian flying foxes, much other wildlife, and many species of birds, including nine different types of kingfishers. If you plan to go to Kolkata, this Sundarban tour package from Dhaka can transfer you to the Indian border at the end.

 Location: DhakaBagerhatSundarban

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