03 Days Tour Packages in Bangladesh

03 Days Tours

Best 03 days 02 nights holiday tour packages all over Bangladesh. Best tours if you are living in Bangladesh and can manage one more day during week-ends. You can visit the tea region Sylhet and Srimangal, or enjoy the archaeological sites of Rajshahi, or Rocket and backwaters of Barisal.

Mango Tour in Bangladesh

Mango Capital Tour

03 DAYS, 02 NIGHTS   21,500 BDT / $280 USD*

Photograph the mango activities in the mango capital of Bangladesh on it’s numerous orchards and bazaars‬, taste some of the best quality mangoes in the world, and visit some great archaeological sights of the country. One of the best tour you can do during monsoon season.

Location: Rajshahi, Nawabganj, Gauda, Natore, and Puthia | Tour Details

Ancient Civilizations Tour in Bangladesh

Ancient Civilizations Tour

03 DAYS, 02 NIGHTS   22,000 BDT / $285 USD*

Visit two of the most impressive archaeological sites in Bangladesh – Somapura Mahavihara and Mahasthangarh, a Buddhist monastery from 8th century and an UNESCO world heritage site, and the earliest known civilization in Bangladesh from 3rd century B.C. Also visit chars (river islands) of mighty river Jamuna at Sariakandi.

Location: Bogra, Mahasthangarh, Paharpur, Sariakandi | Tour Details

Heritage Tour in Bangladesh

Heritage Tour

03 DAYS, 02 NIGHTS   22,500 BDT / $290 USD*

Visit some of the most impressive archaeological sites in Bangladesh – Kantaji Temple, Tajhat Palace, Somapura Mahavihara, and Mahasthangarh, located on a very remote place, and go back to the time from the colonial period up to several centuries before Christ to know about the heritage of the country.

Location: Rangpur, Dinajpur, Paharpur, and Bogra | Tour Details

Best of Rajshahi - top archaeological sites of Bangladesh

Best of Rajshahi

03 DAYS, 02 NIGHTS   26,500 BDT / $345 USD*

Visit the top archaeological sites of Rajshahi division on the shortest possible time. Start by temple village Puthia, continue to medieval period Kusumba Mosque, 8th century Somapuri Mahabhihara at Paharpur, 3rd century BC city Mahasthangarh, and finish with visiting chars of river Jamuna in Sariakandi.

Location: Puthia, Kusumba, Paharpur, Mahasthangarh, and Sariakandi | Tour Details

Barisal Backwater Tour in Bangladesh

Barisal Backwater Tour

02 DAYS, 03 NIGHTS   23,000 BDT / $300 USD*

Experience and photograph life on Ganges Delta in Barisal by exploring it’s rivers and canals on a country boat and visiting it’s numerous floating markets, endless guava gardens, timber market, saw mills, brick factories, schools, and villages. Go overland and meet people. It will be an unique and highly photogenic experience full of activities.

Location: Barisal | Tour Details

Rocket Steamer Tour in Bangladesh

Rocket Steamer Tour

03 DAYS, 02 NIGHTS   21,000 BDT / $275 USD*

Overnight journey on a first-class cabin of the century old pedal steamer called Rocket, including full-day sight seeing at Old Dhaka and UNESCO world heritage city Bagerhat. A great opportunity to discover the riverine beauty of Bangladesh, recommended by most travel guides, including Bradt and LonelyPlanet.

Location: Dhaka, Bagerhat, and Khulna | Tour Details

Sundarbans Tour in Bangladesh

Sundarbans Tour in Small Group

03 DAYS, 02 NIGHTS   26,000 BDT / $340 USD*

Visit the largest mangrove swamp on earth – Sundarbans, one of the wildest and least known environments in all of the South Asia. Sundarbans Tour will take you deep into the forest to explore the wildlife. You get a chance to see Royal Bengal Tigers, spotted deers, claw-less otters, crocodiles, and many other wildlife.

Location: Sundarbans | Tour Details

Srimangal Leisure Tour in Bangladesh

Srimangal Leisure Tour

03 DAYS, 02 NIGHTS   19,000 BDT / $245 USD*

Spend holidays at Srimangal in leisure on a tranquilizing environment surrounded by tea plantations and forests. Trek through Lawachara National Park and see wildlife, visit the villages of indigenous Khasia, Tripura, and Monipuri people, taste the famous 7 layer tea and know the tea culture of Bangladesh.

Location: Srimangal | Tour Details

Srimangal Adventure Tour in Bangladesh

Srimangal Adventure Tour

03 DAYS, 02 NIGHTS   20,000 BDT / $260 USD*

Adventure on the tea capital of Bangladesh – Srimangal. Cycling through the trails inside beautiful tea plantations, trekking through Lawachara National Park for wildlife, and another laborious trekking inside Rajkandi Reserve Forest to discover Hamham Water-falls. Will be one of the highlights of your Bangladesh holiday.

Location: Srimangal | Tour Details

Jaflong and Lalakhal Tour at Sylhet in Bangladesh

Jaflong and Lalakhal Tour

03 DAYS, 02 NIGHTS   19,000 BDT / $245 USD*

Visit picturesque Jaflong, situated at the border between Bangladesh and the Indian state of Meghalaya, overshadowed by subtropical mountains and rainforests. Enjoy boat ride at beautiful Piain river and blue water canal Lalakhal, visit Khasia tribal villages, taste betel leaves, and see people collecting stones on the river.

Location: Sylhet | Tour Details

Manipuri Raas festival tour in Bangladesh

Manipuri Raas Festival Tour

03 DAYS, 02 NIGHTS   25,000 BDT / $325 USD*

Enjoy the celebration of Rass festival of Manipuri tribe, a festival devoted to the divine love of the Hindu god Krishna, celebrated with solo and group dancing combined with singing, chanted recitation, instrumental accompaniment, and a village fare. Great opportunity to photograph a new Asia like nowhere else!

Location: Srimangal | Tour Details


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