Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar Tour Packages

Chittagong & Cox’s Bazar

South-Eastern part of Bangladesh. Attractions of this part are hills, waterfalls, forests, National Parks, tribal villages, and beautiful beaches.

Cox's Bazar and St Martin Island Tour on Private Beach in Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar and St Martin Island Tour

05 DAYS, 04 NIGHTS   18,500 BDT / $232 USD*

Spend a slow beach holiday on the 2 of the best beaches in Bangladesh – Cox’s Bazar, and St Martin Island. Cox’s Bazar is the largest unbroken sandy beach in the world, and St Martin Island is the only coral island in Bangladesh. 2 Nights on each of the beach would be the best beach holiday in Bangladesh.

Location: Cox’s Bazar, and St Martin Island | Tour Details


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