Sundarbans Tour in small group (01-06 pax)

Sundarbans Tour in small group

Tour Duration: 03 Days, 02 Nights
Location: Sundarbans Mangrove Forest
Tour Attractions: Wildlife tour in Sundarbans – largest mangrove swamp in the world
Tour Type: Nature and wild-life
Next Scheduled Tour: N/A
Sundarbans Tour with small group in Bangladesh

Price: Starting from $300 USD*/per pax

Visit the largest mangrove swamp in the world – Sundarbans, one of the wildest and least known environments in all of the southern Asia. Sundarbans Tour will take you deep into the forest to explore wildlife. You get a chance to see Royal Bengal Tigers, spotted deers, claw-less otters, salt-water crocodiles, many species of birds, and many other wildlife.

Our Sundarbans tour starts from Mongla early in the morning, and leave you in the evening at Mongla on the 3rd day after visiting wildlife and jungle at Sundarbans through it’s creeks and canals in Kotka and Kochikhali Wildlife Sanctuary. You’ll stay in our specially designed boat during the whole Sundarbans Tour and explore canals with a wooden country boat.

Tours we organize in Sundarbans are only private tours with 01-06 person. Why you should go on a private tour with us? Because you only get chance to spot wildlife when you go on a private tour with very small group. This will increase your chance to spot wildlife many times. People often go on Sundarbans tour in cheaper packages with big groups, ending on seeing very few or no wildlife at all. So we organize only small group tours to give you the best experience of Sundarbans for your time and money.

Watch-tower inside S...

Spotted Deer inside ...

Hiking inside Sundar...

Golpata tree in Sund...

Fishing boats inside...

Salt-water crocodile...

Jamtola Beach inside...

A monkey kid playing...

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Tiger foot-print in ...

The trail inside Sun...

A tiger spotted in a...

Itinerary of Sundarbans Tour

Day-01: Kochikhali
  • Our guide will meet you on the lobby of Parjatan Hotel Posur at 06.00 H, transfer to our waiting boat in the jetty, and head immediately toward Sundarbans. Stop on a forest station on the way to complete formalities, and continue toward Kochikhali Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • We’ll go through many small canals and rivers with our small boat where big boats can not go because of their size and the cannals being shallow. Taking you through these rewarding narrow canals is the main point of this private tour on a small boat, where is your best chance to spot a tiger and many wildlife. We’ve spotted a tiger on such a canal on 26th September, 2014, which was crossing the river just 200 miters ahead of us in broad day light. We were the only lucky tour operator to spot an wild Bengal tiger in last few years on a tour in Sundarbans.
  • We’ll reach Kochikhali in the evening, and explore a small canal on a small row boat in search of wild-life. They come to drink water in the evening and morning on the creeks and canals. You’ll seat on the boat quietly and float by on a breath-taking environment listening to many birds singing, and the calls of many animals.
  • Stay overnight on the boat in a sleeping cabin, anchoring in the middle of the river in front of Kochikhali forest station.
Day-02: Kochikhali & Kotka Wildlife sanctuary
  • Have breakfast at 07.00 H, and start hiking on the forest from Kochikhali forest station toward the Jamtola Beach (00 km, 00 hrs). Spend an hour on the beach (oo km walk) which is the quietest, nicest, and cleanest beach in Bangladesh, and hike toward Kotka forest station through the forest (00 km, 00 hrs). The total hiking will be about 00 hours. Reach Kotka station and transfer to our waiting boat which already arrived here from Kochikhali through an inside canal.
  • Lunch on the boat and have couple of hours rest.
  • Go to the watch tower at Kotka and seat there rest of the evening. This is a feeding ground of animals. Lots of deers and other wild animals come here in the evening to eat grass and drink water. You never know what surprises can be waiting for you here!
  • Stay overnight on the boat in a sleeping cabin, anchoring in the middle of the river in front of Kotka forest station.
  • The rout we'll take for hiking inside Sundarbans on our tour

Day-3: Kotka Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Go for a boat ride on the small row boat at 06.00 H and explore a canal near Kotka Wildlife Sanctuary. Return to the main boat at 07.30 and have breakfast. We’ll start our return journey toward Mongla from here through other small rivers and canals.
  • Reach Mongla in the afternoon, and disembark from the boat. End of the tour.

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Kotka Wildlife Sanctuary: 21.854409, 89.770274
Kochikhali: 21.866248, 89.834647
Jamtola Beach: 21.839989, 89.801044
Jamtola Watch Tower: 21.855126, 89.781861

Price of Sundarbans Tour

  • 05-06 Pax Gruop: 23,000 BDT / $300 USD Per Person
  • Smaller than 05 Pax Group: Please contact us

Inclusions and exclusions of Sundarbans Tour

  • Tour includes:
    • Accommodation on the boat in a sleeping cabin on twin sharing basis.
    • 5,500 BDT forest permission fee.
    • All meals starting from the breakfast on day-01, drinking water, tea, and coffee.
    • English speaking guide.
    • All tips other than our guide and boat crew.
  • Does not include drinks, 1,200 BDT fee for any video camera, transport to and from Mongla, or any personal item.

Remarks on Sundarbans Tour

  • Unlike other tour operators, our Sundarbans Tour starts and ends at Mongla. If you start this tour from Khulna, you spend half of your day arriving at Mongla by river, and another half day to go back to Khulna. While with us, just within 10 minutes of starting the tour from Mongla we reach the forest, and spend almost a full day inside the forest on a 3 days tour.
  • Itinerary of this tour is just a general outline, and not fixed. It could be changed depending on the season, moon phase, tide, day light hours, and fog. But we’ll try to include all the places and activities mentioned in the itinerary as much as possible.
  • This boat is a very basic boat without air-conditioning, electricity, and running hot water (we will supply them on bucket). It has accommodation for 08 person in max, and one English toilet. But we have a larger boat too to arrange tour for bigger groups.
  • The cabins are lit by small lights running on battery. We’ll run the generator in the evening for couple of hours everyday to charge your devices.
  • You’ll get mobile phone signal of GrameenPhone on the first half of day-01. In Kotka, a new mobile phone tower of Teletalk opened recently, so you’ll get full network coverage of only Teletalk in Kotka with 2G internet facilities which is very slow. No other SIM card will work inside other parts of the forest.
  • For hiking in the forest on day-02, the land is flat and we will not go through very dense forest, so it will be easy for most of the people, as long as you can walk about 10 kilometers. The trail is dry, not muddy. Bring covered shoes which is suitable for hiking and can protect you from small grass and trees with spikes.
  • If you do not want to hike, you can remain on the boat which will be still enjoyable, as it will go from Kochikhali to Kotka through small canals, which will be a ride of about 03 hours.
  • It is better to book this tour as early as possible. At least 02 months ahead is a good time to book the tour.
  • We can arrange transport from Dhaka to Mongla, and Mongla to Khulna and Dhaka upon extra payment.
  • It is possible and very convenient to include Rocket Steamer Tour, Barisal Backwater Tour, and Jessore Home-stay Tour with this one. You can include one or all of them with this tour if you like.

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