Archaeological Tour Packages in Bangladesh

Best archaeological tours in Bangladesh featuring the most impressive archaeological sites, including ancient Buddhist monastery, temples, mosques, forts, colonial era palaces, lost and abandoned cities, and UNESCO world heritage sites.

Old Capital Tour in Bangladesh

Old Capital Tour


Visit the ancient capital Sonargaon which flourished as the region’s major inland port and center of commerce during the pre-Muslim period. See the remaining of the old capital, the Folk Arts & Crafts Museum, the abandoned city Panam Nagar, and visit a river island to see the simple life of farmers.

Location: Sonargaon | Tour Details

Temple Village Tour in Bangladesh

Kantaji Temple Day Tour


Day tour to visit Kantaji Temple, Nayabad Mosque, an award winning school, and a Santal tribal village located at Dinajpur, starting and ending at Dhaka. Perfect for people who have very limited time and want to experience some amazing sights and attractions of Bangladesh located on the remotest corner of the country on a single day.

Location: Dinajpur | Tour Details

Temple Village Tour in Bangladesh

Temple Village Tour

2-DAY, 1-NIGHT TOUR   $200 US*

Visit the dilapidated palaces and bewitching temples at the delightful little village Puthia, dwell in the beautiful royal palace at Natore full of fanciful gardens and temple-hemmed ponds. Also visit Barendra Research Museum, and enjoy a boat ride on mighty river Padma during sunset. Perfect tour to enjoy an week-end in Bangladesh.

Location: Puthia, Rajshahi, and Natore | Tour Details

Rocket Steamer Tour in Bangladesh

Rocket Steamer Tour

3-DAY, 2-NIGHT TOUR   $285 US*

Overnight journey on a first-class cabin of the century old pedal steamer called Rocket, including full-day sight seeing at Old Dhaka and UNESCO world heritage city Bagerhat. A great opportunity to discover the riverine beauty of Bangladesh, recommended by most travel guides, including Bradt and LonelyPlanet.

Location: Dhaka, Bagerhat, and Khulna | Tour Details

Best of Rajshahi - top archaeological sites of Bangladesh

Best of Rajshahi

3-DAY, 2-NIGHT TOUR   $355 US*

Visit the top archaeological sites of Rajshahi division on the shortest possible time. Start by temple village Puthia, continue to medieval period Kusumba Mosque, 8th century Somapuri Mahabhihara at Paharpur, a Santhal tribal village and bazaar, and finish with visiting chars of river Jamuna in Sariakandi.

Location: Puthia, Kusumba, Paharpur, and Sariakandi | Tour Details

Exploring Rajshahi - Best archaeological sites of north-western Bangladesh

Exploring Rajshahi

4-DAY, 3-NIGHT TOUR   $455 US*

Explore the Best archaeological sites of north-western Bangladesh. Visit an 8th century Buddhist monastery, medieval period mosques, and beautiful Hindu temples and palaces. Experience the lifestyle of people on a Santhal tribal village and on the river islands of Jamuna. Taste best quality mangoes and see the mango culture while on fruit season.

Location: Rajshahi, Puthia, Gauda, Kusumba, Paharpur, and Sariakandi | Tour Details

Discover Rajshahi

Discover Rajshahi

6-DAY, 5-NIGHT TOUR   $710 US*

Explore the most impressive archaeological sites of the whole north-west region. You’ll visit an 8th century Buddhist monastery and a UNESCO world heritage site, gorgeous mosques from medieval period, it’s finest temples and palaces, and experience lifestyle on a Santhal tribal village and on the river islands on Jamuna. Best tour to explore the north-western region.

Location: Rajshahi, Gauda, Kusumba, Paharpur, Bogra, Dinajpur, Rangpur, Natore, Puthia, and Bagha | Tour Details