Sylhet and Srimangal Region Tours and Excursions

The north-eastern part of Bangladesh. It is the naturally beautiful tea region of the country. Attractions are tea plantations, tribal villages, Lawachara National Park, waterfalls, a wetland sanctuary for Birds, stone collection activities in Jaflong, and many more.

Srimangal Day Tour in Bangladesh

Srimangal Day Tour

1 DAY   $140* US   Check Tour Details

The Srimangal Day Tour is a one-day tour starting and ending at Dhaka to the tea capital of Bangladesh. The tour covers the highlights of Srimangal, including a walk through the Lawachhara National Park to spot the endangered Hoolock Gibbons, a visit to a village of the Khasi tribe, and a handicraft market of the Manipuri tribe. You’ll get to explore the endless tea plantations and taste the famous 7-layer tea of Srimangal. The tour is perfect for those with limited time but who want to experience the highlights of Srimangal.

 Location: Srimangal

Srimangal Overnight Tour in Bangladesh

Srimangal Overnight Tour

2 DAYS   $260* US   Check Tour Details

Srimangal is the epicenter of tea-growing culture and should be included in every traveler’s itinerary during a visit to Bangladesh. With its picturesque scenery and dominant tea culture, it really is one of Bangladesh’s stand-alone destinations. In Srimangal Overnight Tour, we’ll take you to visit the numerous tea plantations, a tribal village, and a tribal handicraft market. You’ll trek through Lawachara National Park in search of the endangered Hollock Gibbons for which it is famous, taste 7 Layers Tea, and much more. Perfect tour to spend a weekend if you are living in Bangladesh!

 Location: Srimangal

3 days Srimangal Tour Package in Sylhet, Bangladesh

Srimangal Leisure Tour

3 DAYS   $430* US   Check Tour Details

Srimangal is the tea capital of Bangladesh. This hilly area, with endless tea plantations and magnificent forests, is one of the country’s most picturesque and enjoyable parts. In the Srimangal Leisure Tour, you’ll walk through the trails in some beautiful tea estates, trek inside Lawachhara National Park in search of endangered hoolock gibbons, visit remote villages of different tribes outside the tourist trails and experience their lifestyles. Also, visit a handicraft market of the Manipuri tribe, and taste the famous 7 Layers Tea of Srimangal. A quick tour to see some highlights of Bangladesh.

 Location: Srimangal

Jaflong and Lalakhal Tour at Sylhet in Bangladesh

Jaflong and Lalakhal Tour

3 DAYS   $395* US  Check Tour Details

Visit picturesque Jaflong, situated at the border between Bangladesh and the Indian state of Meghalaya, overshadowed by subtropical mountains and rainforests. Enjoy boat ride at beautiful Piain river and blue water canal Lalakhal, visit Khasia tribal villages, taste betel leaves, and see people collecting stones on the river.

 Location: Sylhet

Discover Sylhet Tour in Bangladesh

Discover Sylhet

5 DAYS   $675* US  Check Tour Details

Experience the very best of north-eastern Bangladesh, which is one of the most scenic parts and the tea region of the country. Visit numerous tea plantations, different tribal villages, trek inside a national park, walk through the trails inside tea gardens, ride a boat on a blue water canal, photograph stone collection activities, and many more.

 Location: SrimangalSylhet

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