Photo of a ship on the shipyards we'll visit in Dhaka Photography Tour

Tour Duration: Full Day Tour
Location: New & Old Dhaka
Tour Attractions: Street Photography in mega city Dhaka
Best time to go: October-March
Tour Available: Year Round Except Friday and Holidays
Next Scheduled Tour: Contact us
A photo of a ship on the shipyards we'll visit in Dhaka Photography Tour
Price: From $60 US* per person

Dhaka Photography Tour we’ll take you to some of the most interesting backstreets and bazaars of New and Old Dhaka for a whole day searching for some interesting subjects to shoot. You’ll be amazed to see how friendly people are here. They’d love their photos to be taken by you and will never ask for money, unlike other countries.

Dhaka is a megacity of more than 16 million people – one of the most densely populated cities in the world and full of activities. It has many interesting backstreets and bazaars, especially in Old Dhaka, which are a paradise for photographers who like street and portrait photography.

If you are passionate about street or portrait photography, this tour will be perfect for you! You can take this tour over and over again in search of some fantastic photos to enrich your portfolio. Book this tour if you have just one day. For two days, book the Dhaka (East) Photography Tour & Dhaka (West) Photography Tour instead, which includes the same places with other sites.

Tour Highlights

  • Visit some of the most interesting backstreets and bazaars of New and Old Dhaka, full of activities.
  • Visit some of the busiest ports of river Buriganga and photograph the activities.
  • Visit an interesting railway station in the center of Dhaka City.
  • Visit the photogenic shipyards of Dhaka.
  • Ride a rowing boat on the river Buriganga.
  • Taste some authentic Bangladeshi food in a local restaurant.

Itinerary of Dhaka Photography Tour

  • 07.00 – 07.00 AM: Pick-up from the hotel and drive to Kawran Bazar.
  • 07.30 – 08.10 AM: Photography at Kawran Bazar – the largest wholesale vegetable market of Dhaka city. Trade starts in this market around midnight, which generally gets finished around 8.30 AM. That is the reason for an early start on this tour.
  • 08.10 – 08.40 AM: Walk to Tejgaon Railway Station, a small train station in the center of Dhaka city, which very few people know. You’ll occasionally find some interesting people here with a character.
  • 08.50 – 09.30 AM: Breakfast at a local restaurant with authentic Bangladeshi food.
  • 10.10 – 10.30 AM: Photography at Showarighat – a busy port on river Buriganga, used for transportation of the goods sold at the nearby Chawk Bazar and Moulavi Bazar, and people living on the other side of the river who come to work on these Bazaars.
  • 10.30 – 11.10 AM: Photography at Chawk Bazar – the wholesale market of Dhaka city for cheap cosmetics, toys, shoes, and many other things. This is the largest wholesale market for street vendors who come here from every corner of the country to purchase their products. Also, visit Mowlovi Bazar – the largest wholesale market in Dhaka city for groceries and spices.
  • 11.30 – 12.10 PM: Photography at Islampur Road – the largest wholesale clothing market of Dhaka city, and Shakhari Bazar – a heritage street that is famous for the culture and heritage of the Hindu community of Dhaka city, also known as the Hindu Street.
  • 12.25 – 01.10 PM: Lunch at a local restaurant with authentic Bangladeshi food.
  • 01.10 – 01.30 PM: Walk to a port of the river Buriganga through a narrow street and photograph the activities on the way.
  • 01.40 – 02.20 PM: Take a ride on a wooden rowing boat to cross the river Buriganga, and visit the Shipyards on the other side of the river. These are ship repairing and building yards, which generally repair and paint the passenger and cargo ferries. Check out our Chittagong Ship Breaking Yards Tour for a day tour to the infamous ship-breaking yards in Chittagong (250 km away from Dhaka), which people get confused with these repairing yards.
  • 02.20 – 02.30 PM: Back to the other side of the river, and start our return journey toward the hotel.
  • 04.00 – 04.30 PM: Drop-off at the hotel. End of Dhaka photography tour.

Map of full-day Dhaka Photography Tour with Nijhoom Tours

A map of full-day Dhaka Photography Tour with Nijhoom Tours to capture the activities of Dhaka City

Price of Dhaka Photography Tour

Group SizeTour Price
Per Person
1 Pax$110
2 Pax$85
3 Pax$75
4 Pax$60

Inclusions and Exclusions

Tour includes:
  • Pick-up from North Dhaka area (Uttara, Nikunja, Gulshan, Banani, and Baridhara area), Hotel InterContinental, Hotel Pan Pacific, Best Western Plus Le Vinci Hotel, and Suktara Hotel.
  • Air-conditioned car and driver.
  • English speaking guide.
  • Breakfast & Lunch at a local restaurant with authentic Bangladeshi food.
  • Two 500ml bottles of mineral drinking water.
  • All site entrance tickets.
  • All boat rides.
  • All tips except our guide and driver.

Does not include:
  • Pick-up from South Dhaka area (Hotel 71, FARS Hotel, Asia Hotel & Resort, Ambrosia Guest House, White House Hotel, Hotel Sky City, and the nearby area).
  • If you stay at any of the hotels mentioned above or in the nearby area, you can meet the guide in front of the Best Western Plus Le Vinci Hotel at Kawran Bazar. We’ll drop you off at your hotel at the end of the tour, all right.
  • Any food or drinks other than mentioned above.
  • Any personal item.

Watch video of Kawran Bazar, the largest wholesale vegetable market of Dhaka, which you’ll visit on this tour

Important notes on Dhaka Photography Tour

Tour Availability

  • This tour is NOT available to book on Friday and govt. Holidays, because all the bazaars will be closed during weekends and holidays.
  • If booking a private tour, pick-up and drop-off will be available from any part of Dhaka city.
  • Booking of any of our day tours in Dhaka is possible a maximum of one week in advance. An exception could be made in the case of a group of 5 people or more, depending on our schedule.


  • It is NOT recommended to book this tour unless you are a serious photographer and keenly interested in photographing people and street life. Booking other day tours, e.g., Old Dhaka Tour or Old Capital Tour, will bring a better experience instead. You’ll get plenty of photo opportunities on these tours too.
  • There will be no photography lessons from pro photographers on any of our photography tours. We’ll provide a general English-speaking guide on the tour, who will simply take you to all the places listed in the itinerary, which are very photogenic if you have enough interest.

Tour Price & Payment

  • The price of the tour mentioned in the price chart above is the starting price for the group tour, assuming you want to join other people on the tour. This price will go down according to the price chart when more people join the tour later.
  • We will try to include other people on the tour once you book a group tour and refund you in cash BDT accordingly during the tour if we find anyone. We take a maximum of 6 people on our tours.
  • The price for an exclusive private tour will be different than what is provided on the chart above. We’ll not include anyone else on the tour in case of booking a private tour. Contact us for the price if you do not want to join with anyone else on the Dhaka Photography Tour.
  • We’ll require full payment in advance to book this tour. You can pay us online on a secured website with any Visa or MasterCard. Details of our online payment system could be found here: How to pay us.

Food and Drinks

  • Although you’ll find many attractive street foods during the tour, they, in general, are prepared in a difficult hygiene conditions. That is why we do not recommend tasting any street food during the Dhaka Photography Tour. Do it at your own risk if you want to try some. However, the guide will be able to suggest any safe street food on a case-by-case basis.
  • The specialty of Bengali food is they are spicy, which is the main difference from Indian food. Khichuri (made of rice, lentil, and meat) and Biryani (rice and meat cooked specially with added spice) are two of the most famous foods – especially Biryani.
  • Options for vegetarian and vegan food on the tour are limited. Rice, lentils, and some fried vegetables are the options for vegans. Fish and egg curry can be added for vegetarians. Consider bringing some personal food with you if you are a vegan.

Other Notes

  • The itinerary of the Dhaka Photography Tour is just an outline and not fixed. We will adjust it during the tour based on the traffic.
  • Dhaka is officially ranked as the second least livable city in the world. There could be incredible traffic in Dhaka sometimes when everything stops at every intersection. You could be stopped in the same place for a long time without even moving. Be patient while traveling in the car.
  • Dhaka Photography Tour is a complete walking tour. We will transport you to and from the start and end location and one long-distance in the middle with an air-conditioned car. The rest of the sites will be covered on foot. Be prepared to walk a lot and wear shoes accordingly.
  • Ladies-friendly toilets are almost absent in Dhaka. You’ll be able to find a suitable toilet only in the restaurant and in a couple of other places. Any time you need to use a toilet, tell your guide in advance. He will arrange a nearby place for you.

FAQs on Dhaka Photography Tour

Why book Dhaka Photography Tour with Nijhoom Tours?

Because you’ll have a great experience on our Dhaka Photography Tour, as we are a multi-award-winning local tour operator in Bangladesh with vast local knowledge and the highest quality. We have the highest number of reviews in Bangladesh on TripAdvisor (350+ reviews) from our clients with an average rating of 5 on 5. We’ve been featured in International Travel News Magazine multiple times, published in California, USA. By directly booking with us instead of the OTA platforms that sell other companies’ tours and charge them a hefty commission, you are also supporting a local small business instead of the big foreign corporations.

How is your Dhaka Photography Tour different than the others?

Communication with us will be a breeze. Making payment will be swift for our Dhaka Photography Tour. We'll provide a knowledgeable guide on our Dhaka Photography Tour, who will be able to tell you in detail about all the sites on the tour. We'll be cautious about hygiene on the tour so that you don't become sick from food poisoning, which is very common in Bangladesh. We'll take you to restaurants that maintain good hygiene. We'll provide a decent, comfortable, clean car with air-conditioning and a safe driver, and be careful about your safety on the tour. We'll not be late to pick you up and give excuses of traffic. Nor will we annoy you by taking a few dozen selfies with you on the tour and posting them directly on social media.