Sylhet Resort 101: A list of the best resorts in Sylhet

Nestled in the picturesque Surma Valley amidst scenic tea plantations and lush green tropical forests, greater Sylhet is a prime attraction for all tourists visiting Bangladesh. It has many tropical forests, rivers, swamp forest, haors (wet lands) which are paradise for bird watchers, water falls, and what not! You can easily spend a week in Sylhet division visiting all the attractions here, and you’ll never be bored! These Sylhet resorts can make your holidays even more pleasant.

Top Sylhet resort list

Tourism in Sylhet division is booming, as more and more tourists from the outer world is coming here to spend their holidays. Thousands of people visit Sylhet every year. To meet their demand, many world class hotels and resorts are being built in Sylhet.

We have picked the best Sylhet resort here to made the list including their facilities, and tariff. In the comment section, you can read opinion from other people about Sylhet resort who have spend nights there. You are most welcome to add your opinion about these Sylhet resort too!

#1. Nazimgarh Resort

Sylhet Resort - Nazimgarh

Nazimgarh resort is the new sensation in Sylhet. This sylhet resort is located just 30 minutes away from the Sylhet city. Nazimgarh resort is located on a 6 acres land just beside the Sylhet-Jaflong highway on Khadimnagar area. In the first sight, people get wordless seeing such a beauty on a remote place far away from the capital city. This luxurious world class resort could be the best sylhet resort for holidays in Sylhet.

Facilities in Nazimgarh Resort

Nazimgarh Resort has all the world-class facilities, some of which are:

  • Three types of accommodation facilities: Terrace, Villa, and Bungalow.
  • Hilltop Spa complex with a large swimming pool, children’s pool, outdoor jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and massage facilities.
  • Different cafes and restaurants, over looking diverse scenery offer a wide selection of cuisine prepared by expert chefs.
  • Well appointed rooms for board meetings, small exclusive conferences, retreats, executive training.
Room tariff of Nazimgarh Resort
  • Premier Room: 6,500 Tk.
  • Deluxe Room: 7,600 Tk.
  • Executive Room: 8,700 Tk.
  • Luxury Suite: 13,000 Tk.
  • Presidential Suite: 16,000 Tk.
Contact information
  • Mobile: (+88) 01926667444, 01747200100
  • Email:,
  • Website:

#2. Shuktara Retreat

Sylhet Resort - shuktara retreat

Shuktara Nature Retreat is an environmentally responsible organization and all efforts are made to achieve this end. All of their structures have been crafted by hand using natural and local materials. Solar energy is being used to heat water. All the construction work at Shuktara Retreat has been done by the local people, thus providing employment and contributing towards community development and socially responsible tourism.

Facilities in Shuktara Retreat
  • Dining at ‘Acacia’ multi–cuisine, open–air restaurant nestled amongst trees, overlooking the hills with a 180 degree panoramic view of the woodland canopy.
  • A relaxing lounge replete with a stone fireplace and comfortable rattan furniture, and wide screen television.
  • A fully air conditioned partially wooden floored interactive library, well stocked with books, magazines, children’s activity books and various board games.
  • Expansive party room provides the perfect setting for a meeting, party, conference or any other event.
  • A fully air-conditioned 40 person conference room with projector and screen.
  • A fully air conditioned mini home-theater with a selection of choice HD movies.
  • “Pipasha” juice bar, located on the top lawn, serves a selection of fresh and thirst quenching juices, shakes and hot drinks along with a host of snacks.
  • Large, central rooftop sit-out provides the perfect place to start a barbecue, sing a few songs or contemplate the meaning of life under a starry sky.
  • A funicular carriageway has been installed to transport guests to the hilltop discouraging atmosphere polluting transports coming to the top.
  • Bonfires and barbecues can be arranged on request.
Room tariff in Shuktara Retreat

Each room in this sylhet resort can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children (1 – 5 yrs.) or 3 adult

  • Large suites: 6,500 Tk.
  • Semi suites: 5,500 Tk.
  • Family suites: 5,000 Tk.
  • Weekday rates 10% discount for all available rooms.
Contact information

#3. Zastat Resort (Zakaria Resort)

Sylhet Resort - Zastat Resort (Zakaria Resort)

Zastat holiday resort, or commonly known as Zakaria Resort, is country’s first ever 3 star Eco-friendly holiday resort. This sylhet resort is majestically located at three hills of Khadim Nagar on Sylhet–Tamabil highway, consists more than 17 acres of green hills and hilltops.

Facilities in Zastat Resort
  • Amusement park for children
  • 3 different restaurant serving a full menu of local, Asian and international cuisines.
  • Sports complex with gym, billiard room, table tennis, and international standard lawn tennis court.
  • Outdoor swimming pool offering wider range of recreational and sports facilities.
  • A mini zoo containing country-birds, deer, hare, and monkeys.
  • 3 picnic spot.
Room tariff of Zastat Resort
  • Suit: 7,400 tk – 11,100 tk
  • Delux room (twin & family): 3,700 tk – 4,400 tk
Contact information

#4. Jaintapur Resort

Sylhet Resort - Jaintia Resort (Jaintapur Resort)

Jaintia Hill Resort, or commonly known as Jaintapur Resort, is located near the Indian border in Sylhet, just beside the Sylhet-Tamabil highway, 5 km before Jaflong. This sylhet resort is located on a beautiful landscape, only choice if you want to stay near Jafflong.

Facilities in Jaintapur Resort
  • This sylhet resort has good room service, and restaurant who can serve any kind of cuisine for you.
Room tariff in Jaintapur Resort
  • Double room (family & twin): 2,300 Tk.
  • 2 double bad room for 4 pax: 4,025 Tk.
  • Twin or double room in cottage: 3,450 Tk.
  • Hall room for 8 pax: 5,750 Tk. – 9,200 Tk
Contact information

Phone: +88-01193-218999 (Mr. Bahar)

Have you ever stayed in any resort in Sylhet? Which one is the best Sylhet resort in your opinion? Have we missed any one here? Let us know your opinion and experience here. We’d love to hear and add additional info from your comment in the post.

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