Bangladesh tourist places: A complete list

Bangladesh is a wonderful country. It has many sights of historical value and beauty. Some of them are very famous, and other people don’t even know about it. It cradles the largest mangrove swamp in the world, Buddhist kingdoms dated back to the 3rd century B.C., lush tea plantations, stunning beaches, temples with full of terracotta in the walls, mosques, and it’s people – most generous and open-hearted you’ll meet. In this article, we listed Bangladesh tourist places. If you know about any other site which we’ve missed here, let us know in the comment.

Lalbagh fort - one of the key tourist attractions in Dhaka

Lalbagh Fort in Old Dhaka. ©Photo Credit: Raw Hasan

Tourist places in Dhaka City

Abandoned merchant city Panam Nagar at Sonargaon. Number five on our list of the best archaeological sites in Bangladesh.

Abandoned city Panam Nagar in Sonargaon. ©Photo Credit: Raw Hasan

Tourist places around Dhaka City

Sundarbans Mangrove Forest - Number one among the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

Deer in Sundarbans. ©Photo Credit: Raw Hasan

Tourist places in Khulna Region

  • Mosque City of Bagerhat – A lost city from 15th century full of beautiful mosques and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Sundarbans – Largest mangrove forest on earth; a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Ramsar Site (internationally important wetland).

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Temple village Puthia in Bangladesh, full of beautiful Hindu temples. Number two on our list of the best archaeological sites in Bangladesh.

Gobinda Temple in Puthia. ©Photo Credit: Raw Hasan

Tourist places in Rajshahi Region

  • Puthia – Village full of temples where the largest number of historical temples are located.
  • Gaur – The lost historic city (7th – 16th Century) in India-Bangladesh border.
  • Mahasthangarh – The Oldest known city in Bangladesh, dated back to the 3rd century B.C.

Front view of Tajhat Palace

Front view of Tajhat Palace. ©Photo Credit: Raw Hasan

Tourist places in Rangpur Region

  • Kantajew Temple – Most beautiful Hindu temple in Bangladesh located at Dinajpur, every inches of the walls ornamented with terracotta plaques describing epic Hindu stories.
  • Tajhat Palace – Palace of Hindu land-owners at Rangpur.
  • Nayabad Mosque – 18th Century mosque in Dinajpur, built by the Muslim workers who came to build Kantaji Temple.

Srimangal: The tea capital of Bangladesh - Number three among the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

Tea plantations of Srimangal. ©Photo Credit: Raw Hasan

Tourist places in Sylhet Region

  • Jaflong – Naturally beautiful place located on India-Bangladesh border offering unique photo opportunities.
  • Ratargul Swamp Forest – Only fresh-water swamp forest in Bangladesh.

Know about any other tourist places in Bangladesh? Write in the comment. We’ll add that on this list.

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