101 Things to know about traveling Bangladesh
Answers to the most frequently asked questions about traveling to Bangladesh. Have any Bangladesh travel questions that are not here? Ask in the comment. We’ll love to answer them.
What language do they speak in Bangladesh?

Except for the 1.6 million indigenous people of Bangladesh (2011 census by Bangladesh government) among the 165 million population (2020 estimate by UN), everyone in Bangladesh speaks Bengali (Bangla).

What is the official language of Bangladesh?

Bengali (Bangla) is the official language of Bangladesh.

Is English widely understood in Bangladesh?

English is the second language in Bangladesh. Kids start to learn English in school the same day they start learning Bengali (Bangla). So technically, every educated person in Bangladesh should understand English.

But the problem is, they do not get any chance to practice English in their everyday life. That is why they do not speak much English. However, speak English with any educated people slowly, without an accent, and give them enough time for processing and delivery. They will be able to answer your question alright.

Where is Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a South Asian country located beside India. It is bordered on 3 sides by India, and one side by the Bay of Bengal.

In the colonial period, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan were the same country. In 1947 when the British left the sub-continent, it was divided into two countries based on religion – India, and Pakistan. Bangladesh was then a part of Pakistan as a Muslim major area. In 1971 Bangladesh was liberated from Pakistan after 9 months of the war, in which 3 million Bangladeshi people died.

How is the people of this country?

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. About 160 million people live in this country. People of this country are most hospitable and friendly toward foreigners. If you go to a home, they will invite you and offer food and drinks without any expectations from you. Unlike other countries, they won’t ask for any money if you want to take a photograph of them.

What is the religion of Bangladeshis?

Bangladesh is a Muslim country. More than 85% of the people here are Muslims. The rest of them are Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians. Although it is a Muslim country, there are no Muslim extremists here. Unlike Pakistan and Afganistan, this is a moderate Muslim country. No one will tell you anything if you do not cover your head while you are here. You can dress as you wish, do whatever you like.

What are the major cities of Bangladesh?

The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka. More than 15 million people live in this megacity. This is the most densely populated city in the world. Chittagong is the commercial city of Bangladesh. The largest sea-port of the country is located here. Other major cities are – Sylhet, Khulna, Barishal, Rangpur, and Rajshahi.

What are the key tourist attractions of Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a very beautiful country. It has Sundarbans Mangrove Forest, the largest mangrove forest on earth, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has the largest unbroken sandy beach in the world – Cox’s Bazar. Archaeological sites of Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims are spread throughout the whole country much dated back to 3rd century B.C. Century-old peddle steamboats roam through its beautiful rivers which could be a memorable journey of a lifetime. It has many forests, tea plantations, rickshaws, and most of all it’s open-hearted people who will welcome you everywhere you go.

What is the best time to visit Bangladesh?

September to March is the best time to visit Bangladesh. The weather is cool, the sky is clear, and no rain.

Is this country safe for women?

“I traveled solo there and I must say it’s one of the safest places to travel solo…people are so nice. It’s way safer than India.” – Quoted from a western lady in a travel forum

Just wear something modest, and do not go to some places at night. This advice is for both men and women.

Here you can read the experience of many solo female travelers in Bangladesh

How costly is Bangladesh to visit?

Bangladesh is a heaven for budget travelers. If you are on a really tight budget, you can get a room for only 300 BDT ($4 USD), get breakfast for 40 BDT, get a big meal for 150 BDT. If you want luxury, there are 5-star hotels and higher standard restaurants in big cities. It’s up to you how you want to travel.

Who to ask for organizing a tour for us?

You can contact Nijhoom Tours. It is an award winning tour operator in Bangladesh with very good reputation. You’ll find our tour packages here:

    What could be the best gifts to take from Bangladesh?
      • Traditional Naksi Kantha – Sheet to wear on cold fully decorated by hand weaving with colorful designs. You’ll find it at Aarong Craft Shops
      • Replica of Rickshaw, Boats, and many other things available at Aarong Craft Shop
      • Rickshaw Arts – 2ft x 1ft picture (not heavy), a rickshaw painting would be a fairly unique gift! These are hand-painted on the tin to be mounted on the back of the thousands of cycle rickshaws that you see in Dhaka.

      Bangladesh travel through Benapole border

      Visa and entry

      Is it difficult to get a Bangladeshi visa?

      It is actually very easy to get a Bangladeshi visa. Citizens of Europe, USA, Russia, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and many Asian countries are eligible to get a visa on arrival. In the airport, there is a separate counter for this which is open 24/7. Fees are around $51 USD for a 4 weeks visa. Note that you can get VOA on Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet airport only. VOA is now also issued on Benapole/Petrapole land border.

      If you overstay after the expiration of your visa, there will be a 200 BDT fine for 1st 15 days and a 500 BDT fine after that. Immigration officers normally ignore it if you overstay 5-10 days here, especially in the land borders.

      Here you can find details of Bangladesh visa on arrival.

      Is there any route change permission still required?

      There was such a law previously, but not effective anymore. You can enter by air and exit by land borders. You do not need any permission to take from anywhere for this.

      Can we use inland borders to get in and out?

      Yes, you can. There are many inland borders of Bangladesh with India. You can enter and leave through those border posts in Bangladesh. Visa on arrival is available on the Benapole/Petrapole border.

      Is it possible to get a Bangladeshi visa in Kathmandu?

      Quite easy. Visit the embassy in the morning and submit the following documentation:

      • Duly filled form (you can download the form from the embassy website)
      • Photocopy of passoport info page
      • Passport of Nepali visa
      • 1 Photograph

      You will undergo a very short interview and will be asked to wait. A few minutes later you will be given a couple of forms to make a deposit on the embassy’s account at the bank just across the road. An EU passport had to pay 51 USD + 6 USD = 57 USD for a single-entry tourist visa reported on 25 July 2013.

      Once you paid you to go back to the embassy and you will be asked to come back in the evening at 5:30 to collect your visa. Make sure you specify how you want the entry-exit point, as those are specified in the visa itself (Land or Air). No invitation letter is required for the procedure.

      traveling by train in Bangladesh


      What kind of transportation available in Bangladesh?

      There is a train network connecting most of the cities in Bangladesh. Luxurious buses run between both big and small cities and towns. Ferries run between Dhaka and the south-western part of the country – Barisal division. Domestic flights run between Dhaka and some other big cities – Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Jessore, Barisal, Sylhet, and Syedpur.

      Also, available car rental companies from which you can rent a car to travel in the whole country. You can check out here for a good car rental service in Bangladesh.

      How many domestic flights operates per day?

      Each day, 4-5 flights operate between Dhaka Chittagong. Rest of the cities, normally 1 flight per day each way from each airline. You can check out the schedule and fare in the airlines’ websites:

      What kind of transportation available between Bangladesh and India?

      Bus and train operate between Bangladesh and Kolkata. The train operates 4 days a week from both sides. Buses of private and govt. run BRTC operates every day. There are regular flights between Dhaka, Kolkata, and New Delhi.

      Bangladesh travel infrastructure


      What kind of telecommunication facilities available in Bangladesh?

      You’ll find a mobile phone network almost everywhere in the country. There are 6 mobile phone operators in Bangladesh. Call rates are very cheap. 4G service started in Bangladesh from February 2018. All the cities will be under 4G coverage very soon. 3G Service will be available in the rest of the places. Among the 06 operators, GrameenPhone has the widest network in the country.

      How difficult it is to get a SIM Card?

      Very easy. Go to a customer care center of any mobile phone operator, give a copy of your passport and a photo, fill-up the form, and pay for the SIM Card. It will be delivered to you instantly.

      What is the price of a SIM Card?

      150 BDT on everage, as of July, 2017.

      Is Micro-SIM Card available for iPhone or iPad?

      Yes. They’ll cut it for you.

      What kind of internet facilities available in Bangladesh?

      Because there is a mobile phone network in the whole country, you can use the internet anywhere in the country with your mobile phone or tablet pc. 3G Internet is available in almost every city. 4G just started in February 2018. High-speed wired internet connection is available in most of the big cities. Most of the standard hotels have free Wi-Fi connections, so is in good restaurants.

      What is the working hour here?

      The working hour of Govt. offices and banks are from 10.00 am to 04.00/05.00 pm. Friday and Saturday are govt. holiday. Shopping malls are open from 10.00 am to 08.00 pm. There is a weekly holiday for shopping malls, which depends on the area the mall is located at.

      ATM Machine in Bangladesh


      What is the name of Bangladeshi currency?

      The name of Bangladeshi currency is BDT – Bangladeshi Taka. People simply call it Taka. The exchange rate of Taka is about 80 against 1 USD as of July 2017.

      Is money changers available everywhere?

      You can exchange your foreign currencies in the foreign exchange branches of banks, and money exchange companies. You can find money exchange companies in any big city, although rates could differ in remote places. You’ll get a good rate if you exchange in Dhaka or Chittagong.

      Is ATM Machines available everywhere?

      You’ll find ATM machines that support international credit cards in every major city of Bangladesh. International Visa and MasterCards are accepted in the Standard Chartered and HSBC bank’s ATMs.

      Is there any ATM in the airport?

      Yes, there is. Once you are through passport control in the International Terminal, you will see ATMs.

      Have any other questions about traveling Bangladesh? Ask us in the comments. We’d love to answer as early as possible.

      Check out our 1-7 days Bangladesh tour packages and 8-28 days Bangladesh holiday packages to visit Bangladesh with comfort.


    1. Bangladesh is incredibly beautiful.
      But I’m so scared of the flood and maybe that’s why I’m not traveling there.

      • This is a classic example of wrong idea people have about Bangladesh. A country can’t really remain under flood water year round! True that some lowlands in Bangladesh goes under water during monsoon every year like other rich countries like Japan or China, but that happens only during couple of months in July-August (if ever). Tourism season in Bangladesh is from October to March when there will not even any rain, and the weather will be cool and comfortable.

        Your can find truth about many other wrong things like this widely known about Bangladesh here: 10 Most curious questions people ask while visiting Bangladesh.

    2. My passport has no-visa-requirement to arrive Bangladesh. Could I buy and activate a mobile sim card with only a passport document (no visa document).

      • You can buy sim card only with passport if you have a foreign passport. Better buy it from the airport upon arrival.

    3. Hello, I am from the US and will be visiting Bangladesh. What are good gifts I can bring from the US to give to my hosts?
      Thank you!

      • Hi Rebecca,

        Bringing some chocolates could be a nice gift. Or a toy if there is any kid on the family.

    4. Hi there! I want to go to Bangladesh in January.
      I am currently living in China. Do you happen to know if its possible for me (I am from Argentina) to get a visa in China(Beijing) to go to Bangladesh? I read on the embassy website that they mainly give visas to chinese, mongolians and koreans. Kind regards. Looking forward to your answer.

      • Hi Ernesto!

        Anyone can get a visa of Bangladesh. You need an invitation letter and hotel booking confirmation to apply for a visa in China. If you book an arrival to departure tour with us, we can provide you these, with which you can apply for the visa.

    5. Is it true that a letter of invitation from someone living there is required to get inside Bangladesh?

      • No, it is not true.

    6. How safe is it? There is a number of warnings on the US travel website. They are pretty serious. I am interested in going so I can see my sponsored child who lives in Dhaka.

      • Bangladesh is a comparatively safer country than USA. No one starts killing innocent children and people with their fancy guns. In fact, people don’t even legally own guns here. USA only does not provide warnings for their own country. Otherwise those would be worse than what they say about Bangladesh.

        Here is the reports of the people who’ve visited Bangladesh recently, about the safety situation they’ve experienced here: https://nijhoom.com/bangladesh-security-situation/

    7. Hey there! You mentioned in the article that you can get accommodation for 4 USD. Where exactly can I find that? I was checking on the most popular websites to find hostels in Dhaka and couldn’t find any. I just found some hotels and the price was 30 USD or more. That would be way too mucho for me. Thanks a lot in advance. Kinds regards.

    8. Whats the latest news with the Friendship Bridge linking the border with Myanmar. Can we hope for a border crossing for foreign visitors soon ?

    9. Can you get to Bangladesh from the united states on a boat

    10. Can I enter in Bangladesh from Chittagong by air and exit from Dhaka by air?

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