Traveler’s reports on security situation in Bangladesh after 2016 attack

Traveler's report on security situation in Bangladesh after the 2016 attack

Bangladesh is quiet unfortunate to always attract bad press, years of which made it the least traveled destination in the world. An attack on an upscale restaurant in Dhaka on July, 2016 made the situation even worse for the country. Foreign office of most of the Western countries continuously advice against traveling Bangladesh, which make the travelers even more confused.

Here are some reports from some brave Western travelers who have visited Bangladesh after the attack and sharing their experience about how they’ve found security situation in the country during their visit. You can read their full trip report by clicking the link in the end of each report.

Mike & Jackie Hulton from England, who visited Bangladesh for 3 weeks in November, 2016.

Felt like one of the safest countries I have traveled to

– Michael & Jacqueline Hulton, Surrey, UK

“It is probably fair to say that Bangladesh for various reasons isn’t on many people’s wish list of places to visit but ironically that is one of the main reasons we wanted to visit. It was extremely refreshing and rewarding to travel around a country, unspoiled by mass tourism and to have the opportunity of experiencing and observing the many facets of Bangladeshi life in such a natural and personal way.

Our tour was too long and varied to write a full account. Possibly the biggest highlight was the Bangladeshi people. Everywhere we went we were greeted with smiling, friendly faces eager to have their photos taken and to take ours. Our numerous visits to homes in towns and villages and the sharing of food or a chai gave us a chance to meet ‘real’ Bangladeshi people and a chance to begin to understand this relatively new nation.

A word on security. We decided to visit despite the July bombings in Dhaka, security concerns with visiting cricket teams and foreign office warnings against visiting CHT. We were so glad we did.

At no time did we feel at all at risk or in danger. In fact it felt like one of the safest countries I have traveled to. Our whereabouts were tracked by security personal whilst in Chittagong Hill tracts but our guide had a very good relationship with the police and at no time did this feel oppressive or uneasy. In fact it was almost reassuring, we even got invited to police station to meet to ‘chief’ We almost had the whole area to ourselves-what a treat, beautiful people and scenery which made our image of Bangladesh complete.

In summary if you want to visit Bangladesh, go now!”

(Visited November 2016)

Read the full trip report here

Richard & Susan Evans at Sundarbans

Felt perfectly safe

– Richard Evans, Carmarthenshire, UK

“Bangladesh may not be top of everyone’s holiday destination list but that’s partly why we visited – and we are so glad we did. We spent a week in the country as part of a month’s traveling in South East Asia and it was definitely up there as one of our favorite experiences.

We visited in November 2016 and although some people have been put off by worries about security, we felt perfectly safe particularly in the hands of Nijhoom Tours staff.

Bangladesh is a wonderful country, with wonderful people and we would highly recommend it.”

(Visited November 2016)

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Michael Kendall from England, who visited Bangladesh for 08 days in October, 2016, during the England cricket team's Bangladesh tour

Felt safe and comfortable everywhere I went

– Michael Kendall, Berkshire, UK

“Recent events have been unkind to Bangladesh and its people. I admit to being apprehensive myself but decided that I would still go ahead with my trip.

My tour started with a day around frenetic Dhaka. People would stop you frequently to ask how you are, where you are from and frequent requests for photographs, they were also happy to have their photographs taken.

The Rocket Steamer trip belonged in a different era, truly wonderful. A day around the UNESCO World heritage sites of Bagerhat with its many domed mosques followed, this also provided lots of opportunities to interrract with Bangladeshis visiting the area themselves.

The trip culminated with 3 days meandering the mangrove waterways of the Sundarbans in search of the elusive Tiger. No luck on this occasion but there is lots of other mammals and birds to see.

The tour went smoothly and I felt safe and comfortable everywhere I went. The food is good and the standard of the hotels were better than I expected.”

(Visited November 2016)

Read the full trip report here

Charles Woodrow from England, who visited Dhaka on November, 2016, on a business trip

Security risks seem pretty low

– Charles Woodrow, Merseyside, UK

“I had a memorable day being guided around Old Dhaka. Everyone I came across on the tour (and in the rest of the time I was in Dhaka) was polite and friendly. There are official concerns about security in Dhaka (following the July attack 2016). All I can say is that having visited and/or worked in Brazil, Kenya, Ghana and Indonesia the security risks of visiting Bangladesh seem pretty low. The biggest issue you face in all these locations will be road safety on larger highways – not terrorism.”

(Visited November 2016)

Read the full trip report here

Ilonca Reymond from New Zealand, who visited Bangladesh on October, 2016, for 08 days on holiday

Felt very safe and well looked after

– Ilonca Raymond, Cambridge, New Zealand

“We had 7 nights in Bangladesh and it was so amazing!! Bangladesh would be one of the only countries in the world where the local people do not mind having their photos taken! The people are not used to having lots of tourists visiting their country, they are inquisitive and super friendly.

We did a mixture of tours – 3 day tours in Dhaka then we headed out to the tea plantation area. We felt very safe and well looked after whilst on the tour.

Since being home, I have been putting all my wonderful photos into photobooks – they truly are great images of the people of Bangladesh. I haven’t stopped ‘raving’ about the country.”

(Visited October 2016)

Read the full trip report here

Tony Eales from England, who visited Dhaka in November, 2016, as part of his trip in South Asia

Not felt safer in any other country

– Tony Eales, Kent, UK

“As for the Bangladesh people i can again only say wonderful and more wonderful !! The beauty of Bangladesh is that it has not become a tourist haven just yet.

I can honestly say that I have not felt safer in any other country. The people are happy and full of smiles and are still very inquisitive about someone from a different culture. Out of all the thousands of traders I came across over my two days I could probably count on one or two hands the amount of people that tried to sell me something (unlike India).”

(Visited November 2016)

Read the full trip report here

Suzan & John Skovron from USA visiting a school in southern Bangladesh in October, 2016, during their 5 days holiday

Never felt even slightly unsafe

– John Skovron, Washington, USA

“As part of a longer trip to the area we arranged in advance for 5 day customized tour. Bangladesh is filled with friendly and open people. Especially away from the few key tourist spots, light-skinned people are a rarity. if people stare or ask to take a selfie with you, it is with warmth and curiosity. We were offered tea countless times. Despite the poverty, begging was almost non-existent.

I know there are concerns about safety. There was an attack a few months before we visited. We were undeterred. There are crazy people all over the world, and apparently there are some in Bangladesh too. That is not a reason to avoid an entire country. I never felt even slightly unsafe. Like everywhere else, the vast majority of people were friendly and peaceful. Each of the countless times I answered “what country?” with “America” I got smiles. We visited a Hindu temple and neighborhood, and a mosque as well.”

(Visited October 2016)

Read the full trip report here

Stephanie Skinner from USA, who visited Bangladesh for a month in October, 2016, on a business trip

Found all the places I visited to be safe and welcoming

– Stephanie Skinner, Virginia, USA

“During a work trip in Northern Bangladesh, I treated myself to a weekend tour of the Srimangal area. It was a wonderful experience that I would recommend to any one who would like to learn more about the beautiful country of Bangladesh.

Quick note for anyone who has safety concerns following the tragic attack in Dhaka this past summer: I found all the places I visited in Bangladesh to be safe and welcoming. The country takes security very seriously, and there was never a moment that I worried about my safety as a traveler.”

(Visited October 2016)

Read the full trip report here

Panos Sakkos and Manolis Platakis from Greece, who visited Bangladesh for a week in October, 2016, on a friend's wedding

Felt completely safe

– Manolis Platakis, Athens, Greece

“I felt completely safe in Dhaka and my trips around it and I would like to encourage western tourists to not be afraid just because of one terrorist attack (there have been many more in Europe and people are not afraid visiting which is great – we shouldn’t let terror win).”

(Visited October 2016)

Read the full trip report here

Have you visited Bangladesh recently? How have you found the security situation here during your visit? Share your experience with the fellow travelers in comments, so that they can have a real insight about the security situation in Bangladesh, and more people get encouraged to visit the country.

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  1. I spent 4 weeks travelling independently in Bangladesh in March/April 2017. There had been an incident outside Dhaka airport the day before I arrived and there were two armed sieges being reported in the media in Syhlet whilst I was there. However, aside from reading about them I was not aware at all. The longer I was there the safer I felt. People were so kind and hospitable. I would have no hesitation going there again and I plan to do so in the next couple of years. Wonderful country and people.

  2. I spent 8 months in Bangladesh in 2011 which was, admittedly, before the restaurant attack. It was an amazing and humbling experience. The people are so friendly and welcoming and willing to make you feel at home and part of their community.. I visited again in 2012. I made some wonderful friends and certainly hope to go back. It is a beautiful country.

  3. The quote attributed to me in this article accurate. Most of what I wrote about our visit in my TripAdvisor review was NOT about security because we really did not think about security once we were there. It was a great experience and I hope to return sometime.

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