Why the September departure of our Highlights of Bangladesh Tour is best value and experience

Reasons why the September departure of our Highlights of Bangladesh Tour provides the best experience of the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest and the tea region of Srimangal and the best value for money.

We are delighted to schedule a new 11-day Highlights of Bangladesh Tour on September 1-11, 2023. On this tour, you’ll have the highest possible chance to spot a Bengal Tiger in Sundarbans Mangrove Forest, more chances to spot other wildlife and birds, and see the tea plantations of Sreemangal when they would be in the most beautiful state. Also, the price would be the least possible, as you’ll get a $150 Off-Season Discount for this date. Check out the details of the tour here now! Highlights of Bangladesh

The Sundarbans Mangrove Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, reopens its doors to visitors after its annual closure from June to August, during the fish and animal breeding season. Join us on this tour just as the forest awakens, granting you unprecedented access to its diverse wildlife. After three undisturbed months, the animals roam freely throughout the forest, increasing your chances of witnessing captivating bird species and, with some luck, even glimpsing the majestic Bengal Tiger. Last year, fortunate groups encountered these magnificent creatures during this period.

Sreemangal, another captivating destination on this tour, will captivate you with its resplendent beauty. Journey through this breathtaking region just after the monsoon, when the tea plants flourish following a meticulous pruning in mid-December. Witness the tea estates come alive with vibrant greenery, as tea workers diligently harvest the fresh leaves. Immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance of the Srimangal tea plantations during their peak season.

September Weather

While September brings the remnants of the monsoon season, resulting in occasional rainfall, it adds a unique charm to the tour. Bangladesh experiences short bursts of rain that quickly dissipate, ensuring a seamless itinerary. Prepare yourself for the weather by carrying appropriate rain gear. Moreover, September’s temperature offers respite from the scorching heat, as the occasional showers cool down the surroundings. It’s the perfect balance between favorable weather conditions and an authentic experience.

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