One of My Best Vacations

Raymond P. Avatar

This was a great trip that provided many new and interesting experiences. Had excellent guides. Our expert drivers stayed calm and cool while driving. Hotels were nice with a helpful staff. Lots of good cheap food. Airport pick-up and drop-off were a big help. I really liked this trip.

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Glory of Bangladesh tour was a glorious experience

The 14-day Glory of Bangladesh was a wonderful tour. It had a varied and excellent itinerary of the big-city sights of Dhaka, the wildlife of the Sundarbans (lots of birds, boars, and deer), interesting archaeological sites and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and villages that were very interesting, very non-touristy, and welcoming.

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Glories of Glorious Bangladesh

Wow. This wonderful trip with Nijhoom tours certainly delivered beyond expectation. Five of us travelled on this two week adventure in December. It was extremely well organised and so diverse in every respect that it made for one of the best travel adventures ever.

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