Bangladesh village in pictures showing life and beauty (Part-I)

Villages and rivers are the backbone of Bangladesh. There are about 68,000 villages in Bangladesh. Most of the people still live in Bangladesh village. Life here is slow, air and food is fresh as opposed to the cities. Food is made from the fresh vegetables directly coming from the field. People make different types of rice-cakes so tasty and authentic.

Profession of most of the people in the villages is farming. But people also have other professions. There are normally different areas in every village based on their profession like potter, fisherman, blacksmith etc. In this photo blog we’ll take you to visit life and nature of a remote Bangladesh village locate at southwest part of the country so that you can get an idea about how they are and how people live there.

Lifestyle in Bangladesh Village

People live in the beautiful houses here made of clay. Roofs of them are made of burned clay called “tali” which protect them very well from the rain water.

houses made of clay in Bangladesh village

clay houses in Bangladesh village

Bangladesh village clay house

Clay house in Bangladesh village where people normally live

houses made of clay in Bangladesh village

Cattles are raised by almost every family

cattles in Bangladesh village

They are used for plowing lands, getting fresh milk, and in cow carts which are used to transport goods, specially rice, wheat, potato and other things produced on the fields to bring home.

cultivation with cow

cow cart

cow milking

Chickens, ducks, and pigeons are raised for fresh meat and egg.

cow milking

Fresh vegetables come directly from the field to be added in the menu

cow milking

cow milking

Were you born and raised in a village in Bangladesh? How is your village? What special do you have in your village? Share with us in comments.

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  1. I have lived in Australia for nearly 40 years. I will be retiring in ten years.
    I am interested in building a house in my village on my father’s land which I inherited.
    I am very interested in looking at the various designs.

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