Ratargul Swamp Forest in Bangladesh – traveling FAQs

Ratargul Swamp Forest

Q. Where is Ratargul Swamp Forest located?
A. Ratargul Swamp Forest is located at the Goain Ghat area of Sylhet Division in Bangladesh.

Q. How to go to the forest?
A. To visit Ratargul Swamp Forest, you need to go to Sylhet city first. From Sylhet, take a CNG (mini taxi) to Goain Ghat. It will take 2.5 – 3 hours time and 450-500 BDT fare. From Goain Ghat need to reserve a traller (local engine boat) to the forest. It will take 800-1,400 BDT for a return trip, and less than 1 hour time.

Q. How to explore the forest?
A. After getting down at the forest station, go to the forest office, take permission, and request them to arrange a boat for you. They’ll arrange a local wooden boat on which you can explore the forest. It is safe for 6-8 people aboard the boat. They’ll take 200-500 BDT depending on how long you need to explore the forest.

Q. Do I need to come back on the same way?
A. No. On your way back, get down at Goain Ghat and take a CNG for Zaflong. It’ll take 100 BDT on reserve, or 20 BDT each person. From Zaflong ride on a bus to Sylhet. Fare is 20 BDT.

Q. What is the best time to visit the forest?
A. Monsoon. In July-August the forest is flooded in water and is the best time to explore by boat. Other time the forest remains dry and you need to walk in clay to explore it.

Q. Is food available in the forest?
A. No. You’ll find all type of food in Goain Ghat. Have to take from there whatever you need.

Q. Is there any accommodation facilities in the forest?
A. No. You can stay at Sylhet city and visit Ratargul Swamp Forest as a day trip.

Q. Is there any security issue?
A. Report and take permission from the forest office first before entering the forest, and request them to arrange a boat. Do not take any boat from outside. You could be a victim of hijacking.

Caution: Do not destroy the nature. Do not throw anything in the forest. Bring back with you everything you’ve taken – plastic packets, water bottle, everything.

Have any other question? Ask in the comments. We’d love to answer.

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  1. Is it possible to go to Ratargul Swamp Forest from Sreemongal? Please give me details transport plan from Sreemongal to Ratargul Swamp Forest.

    • Not possible to go there directly from Sreemongal without first going to Sylhet.

  2. There is a easy way to go to Ratargul Forest. You can take a CNG from any bus stop or you can go Amborkhana straight to Ratargul forest office which will cost you 500 tk max.This will take about not more than 2hrs.Going to Goain Ghat is a long way.

  3. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Is there any risk of snake?

  5. We are planning to visit Ratargul this weekend (24 October, 2014). Could you please tell whether it would be a good time to visit there? How is the present water level in the forest?

  6. You could be a victim of hijacking. please remove this sentence and add something Sweet able in same . there is nothing like that.

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