Top things to do at Sundarbans

Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world spread between India and Bangladesh. 60% of the forest is located in Bangladesh, and this part of the forest is the most dense and diverse with flora and fauna. Only in the Bangladesh part of Sundarbans, you can have a true experience of the mangrove forest. To visit Sundarbans, you must join a tour operator – no way to visit it by your own. A tour on this forest with a wrong tour operator could be a complete waste of time and money. Here is a list of the best things to do in Sundarbans, which you must check if a tour operator is offering before going on a tour with them.

Best things to do in Sundarbans

Sundarbans is a very big forest with so many places to go and so many things to do. Before visiting the forest, you must know where you need to go and what you need to do. Here is a list of 08 best experience you must have in Sundarbans for the ultimate experience of the largest mangrove forest on earth.

Morning boat ride at a narrow canal

© Morning boat ride on a canal. Photo Credit: Raw Hasan

01. Morning boat ride on the narrow canals

Hundreds of creeks and canals are spread across Sundarbans, which are the life-line of the greatest mangrove forest on earth. Early morning, all the animals and birds come to these narrow creeks and canals to drink water and catch prays. A ride on a noiseless row-boat on these narrow creeks and canals early in the morning could be rewarding. This would provide the best experience of the forest. Only on these trips, you’ll be able to spot lots of animals and birds. You need to be extremely quiet on these trips to make sure not to scare them. That is why you must travel on a small group.

Walk inside the forest

© Walk inside the forest. Photo Credit: Raw Hasan

02. Walk inside the forest

There is a trail from Kochikhali to Kotka, which goes through the jungle, open field, and Jamtola sea beach. Walking on this 10 km long trail will provide you a great experience to discover the forest. Only walking on this trail, you’ll have a first hand intimate experience of the largest mangrove forest on earth. Be sure to wear covered shoes on this trail to protect your feet from spiky trees and grass.

Panoramic view of the forest from watch tower

© Panoramic view of Sundarbans from the watch tower. Photo: Masbah Mazumdar

03. Seat quietly on a watch tower in the evening

In Kotka, there is a watch tower overlooking an open field with sweet water tanks for the animals. Animals come here in the evening to drink sweet water. If you seat quietly on this watch tower in the evening, you can spot many wild animal here. Also the panoramic view of the forest from this watch tower is stunning. This is an experience you must not miss while visiting the mangrove forest. As many people can not climb this watch tower together, traveling with a small group comes in handy.

Walking on the Jamtola beach during winter

© Jamtola Beach at Sundarbans. Photo: Raw Hasan

04. Visit Jamtola Beach

Beaches in Bangladesh are over-crowded. Only exception is the Jamtola beach in Sundarbans. Because of the remoteness of the beach, not many people can come here. Located deep inside Sundarbans beside the Bay of Bengal, Jamtola beach is the cleanest, nicest, and quietest beach in Bangladesh. While visiting the forest, you must spend some time on Jamtola beach, which would definitely be a highlight of your Sundarbans excursion.

A Bengal tiger in Sundarbans

© A Bengal tiger at Sundarbans. Photo: Collected

05. Enjoy the night sky and sound of nature

While visiting Bangladesh part of Sundarbans which consists more than 60% of the forest spread between India and Bangladesh, you’ll spend the nights on a house boat which will be parked for the nights on the rivers in different parts of the forest each night. On these nights, you must seat quietly on the open deck of the boat and look at the sky. You can see thousands of stars in the whole galaxy on a good weather, and listen to the sound of the nature, which is tranquilizing. This will be an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

An endangered river dolphin in Sundarbans

© River Dolphin at Sundarbans. Photo: Collected

06. Watch Dolphins

Sundarbans is the only place in the world where the Ganges river dolphins and Irrawaddy dolphins are found. These dolphins are among the world’s most endangered mammals. Dhangmari, Chandpai and Dudhmukhi areas of eastern Sundarbans has been declared sanctuary for these dolphins. While visiting the mangrove forest, stop by on one of these places and watch the dolphins jumping from the water. It will be a great experience.

A canal inside Kotka Wildlife Sanctuary

© A canal inside Kotka wildlife sanctuary. Photo: Masbah Mazumdar

07. Visit a wildlife sanctuary

Sundarbans has several wildlife sanctuaries, among which Kotka Wildlife Sanctuary is the most accessible. On these sanctuaries, you can watch lots of deer, monkeys, crocodile, and other animals. Visiting one of these wildlife sanctuaries at Sundarbans could be rewarding, and a must thing to do while visiting the forest.

A small group tour in Sundarbans

© A small group tour in Sundarbans. Photo: Raw Hasan

08. Travel on a very small group

Having a proper tour at Sundarbans is expensive. To reduce cost, most people travel Sundarbans on a very big group of minimum 40 people or more. On these tours, people use large boats to go to the forest and end up seeing almost nothing and very much disappointed, as these big boats can not even enter the narrow canals of the forest because of the shallow draft. But only these narrow canals provide a chance to spot most of the wildlife where less people go.

Always join a small group of maximum 06 person on any Sundarbans tour to get the best experience of the forest. Check out our Small Group Tour in Sundarbans for a true experience of the world largest mangrove forest.

Pro Tips: Never do a day tour of Sundarbans! You might want to quick sample Sundarbans to save time and money, but it will be a full waste of your time and money as you will end up just visiting an Eco Park and a zoo, no matter what they promise! It will be simply a bad taste of the forest. Either do a 3 days tour, or leave it completely. There is nothing in between!

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Have you ever visited Sundarbans? What was your best experience in Sundarbans? Have I missed something here? Share your thoughts and experience with us in comments.

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